Meet the Staff – the kind and dedicated teacher Kathleen!

This week, find out more about Kathleen, who is currently teaching our FCE class.

Kathleen has been at Lexis for just over 5 years now so many students will remember her for her thoughtful teaching approach and her chocolate. If you were at Lexis last Christmas, you will also remember her show-stealing performance as Madonna in the staff pantomime of Cinderella.


  1. How many languages do you speak?

The short answer is ‘one’. I studied Latin when I was at school but it’s difficult to maintain speaking practice when the native speakers all died thousands of years ago.  However, I can say the essentials (eg. Hello, please, thank you, coffee, beer, toilet) in many languages as I love travelling to other countries.

  1. I always wanted to be …

Johnny Depp’s girlfriend.


  1. In Byron Bay, don’t miss …
  • Cycle the back road (Myocum Road) to Mullumbimby and check out the Saturday markets and the town in general.
  • Bangalow markets on the fourth Sunday of each month.
  • Whale watching at sunrise at the lighthouse.
  • Sunday afternoons at Brunswick Pub.
  • The Rails Hotel.


  1. BB’s best-kept secret …

If I tell you, I’ll have to hug you to death.


  1. Have you ever lived in another country?

As Lexis students know, living in another country is THE BEST way to appreciate its people and culture while also having the time to explore places that are off the beaten track. Fortunately, I’ve had several opportunities to live abroad:

  • An 8-month volunteering assignment in East Timor at a time when this young nation was recovering from 30 years of foreign invasion.
  • During the Australian winter, I teach English to Vietnamese schoolkids. It’s funny: I’ll be in Byron preparing a Lexis students for the FCE exam and a week later I’m teaching “Hello, my name is …” to a class of 5-year-olds.
  • A nine-week volunteering assignment in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. To be polite, you need to eat with your mouth open and be very noisy. Yum yum.
  • A six-month contract with a firm in Washington DC, in my previous life as a management consultant. Before the contract, I thought that Australians and Americans spoke the same language and had similar cultures. How wrong was I!!!


  1. Dream holiday destination

Somewhere new, so I can learn about another culture. Ideally, it also has friendly people (some of whom speak a bit of English), cycling, rock climbing, a warm climate, very cold beer, and vegetarian food that ISN’T boiled veggies and effing white rice.


Kathleen as Madonna,  Lisa as the Fairy Godmother, Michelle as Cinderella, Claire as Prince Charming and Anji and Adrienne as the Ugly Sisters!

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