Meet the Staff – this week the loquacious (look it up) teacher, Adrienne

Adrienne has been at Lexis Byron Bay for a couple of years now and everyone who has ever met her will remember that she is kind, passionate about English, and not short of a word or two. 🙂

Below, find out more about her, her hairless cat, her hobbies, and her passions.

Adrienne_rescued ducklingHOW MANY LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK?

Technically only one now.  I grew up in Canada so I was in French immersion in school, but I have forgotten too much. In my 20’s I went travelling in Central America so I learnt Spanish. Now thanks to many years of no practice with either language, I speak Spench. I feel that if I were immersed in either language, I would be speaking both with a terrible anglicised accent quickly.  That’s the beauty of a North American accent….I sound like the TV even when I don’t want to…. ;P


I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE…someone who is paid to educate people on how to become more environmentally aware with practical tangible solutions that are easy to put into practice. I love permaculture and the ideas the system presents.  It’s not just a gardening technique, it can be applied to business as well as lifestyle choices. If I had any skill in maths, I would have become a designer who retrofitted buildings to become energy neutral or make energy.


WHEN YOU ARE IN BYRON BAY, DON’T MISS OUT….on the Farmers Markets. Byron is a place where you can access some of the freshest food available. At the Farmers Markets, you can buy most of your daily groceries including rice, coffee, cheese, and bananas. That’s only mentioning a small portion of what is grown in our region.


BYRON BAY’S BEST KEPT SECRET IS…. Leave and go see other parts of the area. Go see the Border Ranges or Nightcap National Park (Springbrook and Lamington National Parks are just over the border in Queensland).  There’s so much to do in the surrounding areas so don’t just party, go interact with our nature; our rainforests are special.


I’LL BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW…that hairless cats are not from Egypt but from Canada and the UK.  Sphinx cats (like the one from Austin Powers) was actually developed in Toronto Canada.

All I could think when I learned this is: It’s so cold, why!?

My hairless cat is a Cornish Rex and his breed was developed there.  He loves the sun and will spend hours sleeping in the warmest part of my garden.  He’s my best friend and cuddle partner.


I like to do many things.  This is a hard question to answer. I love to garden, swim, dance and listen to podcasts.  I love to absorb culture, whether it is radio, theatre or art galleries, I don’t care. I love music that has horns but mostly I love reggae to dance to.  In my 20s as I was living in BC and California, I saw some of the most talented musicians around. There’s a lot of music to enjoy, but what makes me smile most is music with a swing beat that has trumpets and other brass instruments. I love melody so music for me must have a melody.

I also have a bizarre love of fashion.  I am fully aware of fast fashion and its impact on the environment both as waste and resource use for production. To still enjoy fashion and making clothes, I have started upcycling shirts and other pieces of clothing from old worn out clothing that normally would go to the landfill.  It a fantastic creative outlet as well as encouraging both myself and others to do more for the environment.

And as many of my co-workers know, I love to talk and be funny…. Mostly I make fun of myself….

Adrienne_pre-int boyz

HAVE YOU EVER LIVED IN ANOTHER COUNTRY? I am now living in another country….. I have lived in both Canada and the US.


WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION? My dream holiday destination is the cabin my grandparents owned.  My aunts and uncles still own it, but I hardly ever get the chance to stay there. I love nature and swimming.  If any destination has those 2 combined, then I am a happy camper.


I didn’t want to be a teacher, however, when I was in university, I got a job teaching swimming and coaching triathletes where I excelled at getting individuals to swim faster and win competitions. I could never decide on a career path when I was in my 20s and just floated through life running grassroots activist organisations. To keep my lifestyle afloat, I kept teaching swimming, fitness, and lifeguarding as it was so easy.  I had a fan club and when I quit, some of my clients and students cried.  I, by accident, ended up living in Australia full time, and eventually came to an impasse and was bored of being a disability support worker.  I wanted an intellectual challenge so I signed up to be a literacy teacher, however, the course I needed wasn’t available so I decided to go the back way in an do my high school teaching certificate. I wasn’t cut out to be a high school teacher, but I did love teaching disadvantaged youth.  After a while though, I needed a less stressful job so I got my qualifications for ESL teaching and have never looked back.  The only regret I have now is that I didn’t do it sooner. I love English and the reasons behind why we use grammar.  I love to edit and can take a moderately well-written piece and make it shine.



Listen to the radio.  The more you listen to local radio like ABC Radio National, the easier it will be to travel around the country and understand the locals. On top of that you learn more about Australian culture, but also absorb incredible information.  We are very blessed in Australia with our National Broadcaster. We have radio stations to suit most interests, but also 4 ad-free TV channels. The radio channels range from music with Triple J, ABC Jazz, and ABC classical to local radio that has talk back shows etc.  If you like to know the news ABC News Radio and TV will give you amazing insight to the world.  ABC RN is cultural shows about art, books, but also hosts podcasts of all sorts.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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