Didgeridoo Lesson! 20 September

Yesterday we had Craig, from Fifth Circle Music Therapy, come in to teach us the basics of playing the didgeridoo!


We started with vibrating our lips into the didgeridoo, then practiced incorporating different sounds and rhythms with this.

The didgeridoo is a wooden instrument developed by indigenous Australians. Craig told us a bit about the history and origin of this instrument which has been used within aboriginal tribes for years.

Craig taught us how to the imitate the sounds of two of Australia’s native animals, the kangaroo and dingo; first practicing without, then through the didgeridoo. We had lots of fun howling like wolves and making the bouncing noises of the kangaroo!

Some of us were more natural didgeridoo players than others… teacher Adrienne’s technique was best described as ‘cat’s bum’.

This was a brilliant authentic and cultural experience for all of us and one we all thoroughly enjoyed!

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