New Starters! 17 September

Welcome to our eighteen new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Francine is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. In her free time she likes doing outdoor activities with her friends and also going to parties. She has worked as a secretary for 3 years but has now quit to learn English and travel! After her 4 weeks with us she will visit Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and the Philippines!

Teresa (Maria Teresa) is from Catalonia, Spain. She enjoys cycling, cooking , reading and traveling. She studied Marketing and worked in the marketing department of a supermarket near Barcelona. She chose to come to Australia as the country has always interested her and she loves animals and is excited to see all the different ones we have here!

Kaho is from Japan. Her hobbies include yoga, swimming and cooking, especially sweet things like cookies and chocolate sweets. She visited Australia for 2 weeks when she was 17 and fell in love with the ocean, food and people, so decided to come back and study English! She is looking forward to meeting new people, improving her English and taking part in lots of activities.

Anaid is from Spain. She loves being in nature, at the beach and reading. She completed her Lawyers degree at University and now works in an office during the week and a coffee shop at the weekend. With English being a global language she wants to to have a good level so she can develop her career. She chose Byron Bay for her studies because she feels it is the perfect place for her; she is excited for adventures, meeting new people, working and learning a lot of English!

Fuki is from Hiroshima, Japan. Her hobbies are shopping, Instagram and travel! She will study with us for 4 months to improve her English for travel. When she has finished her studies she will find work on a farm, then travel around Australia, Asia and America!

Julia is from Brazil. She has three pitbulls who are the loves of her lives! She likes to read about Greek physiology and psychology. She is studying psychology in Brazil and would like to work in a hospital and own a clinic to help people suffering from mental health issues. To be here in Byron Bay is a dream come true for her!

Surim is from Korea. Her interests are science and making deserts. She will be here studying with us until July next year. Once her English has improved she would like to complete the IELTs exam and start University. She has studied Optometry in Korea but would like to advance her studies here in Australia.

Mireia is from Spain. She enjoys cycling (in the mountains and in the city), hiking, running and watching Netflix. She worked a s a community manager and looked after the social media for brands such as McCormick and Pioneer. She wants to improve her English so she can further her career when she returns to Spain. She loves fashion so in the future would like to work for an international fashion brand.

Vivienne is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her biggest passion is travel and meeting people from all over the world. She also loves to dance and went to dance school when she was younger. She came to Australia to visit relatives and improve her English so she is able to take the Cambridge First exam when she returns to Switzerland.

Tsu-Chen, English name Charlie, is from Taiwan. He has lots of hobbies , but his favourite is watching NBA live. He will study with us at Lexis for 15 weeks and is looking forward to improving his English level during this time, as well as enjoying the beautiful beaches and climate!

Estelle is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. She loves to ski, hike in the mountains and go for drinks with friends. She has just finished an apprenticeship and received her Certificate of Federal Capacity. After 14 weeks of General English she will complete our Cambridge course, as she needs the Advanced certificate for her job in Switzerland.

Ania (Anna) is half Polish but lives in Spain with her family. She studied to be a nurse in Madrid and worked in surgery at a hospital. She enjoyed her job but had to see many bad things, so decided to take some time for herself and come study with us in Byron Bay for 9 months! She is very happy to be here improving her English, meeting new people and exploring new places!

Paula is from the Canary Islands, Spain. Her hobbies include basketball, watching series and reading books about pedagogy and education. She has a Degree in Education and is a teacher at a primary school. She wants to improve improve her English so she can become the best teacher to her students. She chose Australia for her studies because if has everything she could ever need!

Lara is from the French speaking part of Switzerland, in Geneva. She likes music and sports, particularly cross country skiing which she has been doing for 9 years. She has just finished college and is now taking some time to decide what she would like to study at University. She is excited to discover a different life in Australia after friends told her she’d never want to go home!

Isabelle is from Brazil. She enjoys spending time with her family, walking their dog Simba, going to the beach and cooking. She worked as architect and now needs to improve her English to find a better job when she returns to Brazil. She chose Australia for her studies because it is an amazing country and she knows she will make great memories here.

Helene is from Belgium. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music, running and travel. Spending time with her friends and going to parties are her favourite things to do! She has just finished high school and is thinking of studying communication in Brussels when she returns to Belgium. It has always been her dream to visit Australia because of the relaxed vibe and wonderful landscapes.

Alex is from Spain. She works in marketing and needs to improve her English as most of their clients are international. She chose Byron Bay for her studies because she loves nature, animals, surfing, hiking, diving and snorkeling; all of which she can enjoys lots of here! She is also excited to learn about a new culture, meet new people and have new experiences!

Akane is from Japan. Her passions are travelling and yoga. She is studying History, Economy and Politics of America at University. After she has completed her 8 months with us she will travel Australia then return to finish her course and find work. She wants to learn about the culture of Australia and enjoy the beautiful beaches here in Byron!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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