New Starters! 10 September

Welcome to our thirteen General English students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!

General English

Eric is from Catalonia, Spain. He is a tennis player and also likes to play basketball. He was working as a bar man and also in a tennis camp, but when he returns he will start studying Psychology at University. He loves to travel and it has always been his dream to come to Australia; he is very happy to be here improving his English and explore this beautiful country!

Nathalie is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her biggest passion is music and she loves listening to it at home as well as going to festivals and concerts! She also enjoys Zumba and cooking with friends. She has completed an apprenticeship and worked for 7 years in a pharmacy. She chose to come to Australia because of all the great things she’s heard from friends, and because of her love for the beach, sea and friendly people!

Vanesa is from Spain. She loves scuba diving and has completed dives in Spain, Australia and around Asia. She has completed a Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpretation of French and Italian and has been working as a freelance translator. She loves her job as languages is one of her passions and she gets to travel around the world for work. After Australia she will will go to Orlando, Florida where her biggest clients are based!

Valeria is from Columbia. She studied Graphic Design in Columbia and Art Direction in Argentina. Once she has completed her English studies with us she will complete her Masters in Interactive Design. She has been working for the past four years as a Graphic Designer with a tropical disease group from Columbia and also as a Social Media Manager for the World Mosquito programme!

Sacha is from Belgium. His hobbies are listening to music, cooking, art and hanging out with his friends. He has just finished his High School studies and will now complete 8 weeks study with us before doing some traveling. He chose to come to Australia as his parents came when they were younger and often talk about their trip, so he wanted to come and experience it for himself!

Lorene is from a little village in the Swiss mountains. She loves hiking, yoga and stand up paddle boarding.  She is a social worker and worked for 8 years in an institution for people with disabilities, but quit her job to come travelling and take some time for herself. Australia has always been a big dream for her and she is really looking forward to meeting people from lots of different cultures, trying new foods and learning to surf!

Melanie is from the German speaking part of Switzerland, in a small town called Zermatt where many tourists visit to see the Matterhorn (the mountain on Toblerone chocolate!). Her passion is skiing and when she returns to Switzerland she would like to become a ski instructor. As well as studying English she will also be learning to surf through our surf programme (4 lessons per week).

Arisa is from Japan. She loves nature, yoga and organic food, so Byron was an obvious choice for her studies! She will stay here for a year with her husband, studying at the Byron Yoga Centre after her 8 weeks studying at Lexis. In Japan she worked as a real estate agent. She is looking forward to being able to speak and understand English better after her time with us!

Elona is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. She loves reading, walking and traveling. She works as a baker and pastry chef at the Guillaume bakery, where they specialise in cream cakes! She is very happy to be here, saying she loves Byron Bay and has a really nice host family!

Nina is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her hobbies include going out with friends, watching TV and going swimming. She is a nurse at the Berne hospital, where she is positioned in the stroke unit. Since she was a little girl she has always dreamed of coming to Australia so she decided to combine this dream with improving her English for traveling!

Ibon is from Spain. He loves sports, particularly football, surfing, skiing and running. He wants to improve his English so he can travel and meet people from all over the world. He would also like to work in other countries and English will be important for this, so he is happy to be here with us for the next 14 weeks working towards his goals!

Camila is from Chile. She loves the beach and her hobbies include swimming in the ocean and relaxing in the sun. She is a speech therapist and has worked for six years in a public school helping children with talking difficulties. She chose to come to Australia for her studies because she loves the weather, the friendly people and the education system. After her 3 months study with us she will travel Asia and then return to Chile to work again as a speech therapist but in a English sector of a private school.

Mayuka is from Japan. She has been studying at our Lexis Brisbane campus and reached Upper Intermediate level. She is excited to be seeing more of Australia and spending the next 10 weeks with us here at Lexis Byron Bay!

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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