Meditation with Kristy – 23 August

davWe are so lucky to have a meditation teacher (Kristy) on our teaching staff and many students really enjoy the opportunity to try this practice for the first time while at Lexis.

Yesterday, the session started with a talk about meditation: what it is, why do it, and the benefits of daily practice.

Kristy says there are 3 parts to meditation:

  1. Relaxing the body (asana)
  2. Breathing (pranayama)
  3. Concentration (mantra)

She guided the meditation by first getting comfortable sitting, then doing a breathing exercise and the mantra ‘OM’. Then they moved on to using the Tibetan singing bowl (

Oscar, who joined Kristy’s meditation activity said he had never meditated before but was feeling stressed from having a busy week organising his new life here in Byron, and wanted to learn to meditate because he heard it helps you to relax.

He said that during the meditation, he had a very positive feeling from the singing bowl when it was rung, and could feel the sound radiating throughout his body.  Afterwards, he said it was ‘very relaxing’ and would recommend it to others.

For Kristy, teaching a new person the practice of meditation is her most favourite and rewarding thing to do.

She said that most people who join the meditation activity with her have never meditated before and usually think they can’t sit still long enough to try!  It’s a big surprise when, after 20-30 mins,  not only do they succeed but they find that it’s a nice, peaceful time to be still and reflect on the inner world.


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