Scavenger Hunt! 6 August

On Monday our Hiroshima study group set off on a Scavenger Hunt!

In groups of 3 and one pair they had to get pictures from the below list:

Take a picture of somebody…

  • Eating an ice-cream
  • Drinking a coffee
  • Running in the park
  • Wearing a blue top
  • Jumping in front of the Lexis school sign
  • Sitting below the LOVE sign


  • Surfing in the ocean
  • Doing a Yoga pose
  • Australian
  • On holiday / a tourist


They only had 30 minutes to get as many as they could before meeting me back at the beach. They all did a great job, with every group getting 8 out of the 10 in the short time they had!



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing or Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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