Whale Watching in Byron Bay!

It’s Whale season here in Byron Bay!!!

Between May and November each year humpback whales migrate from their cold Antarctic feeding grounds to the warmer waters of Queensland, Australia to breed!


We are lucky enough that Byron Bay is one of the best places in Australia to spot these magnificent creatures!

This year there is estimated to be a record breaking 30,000 passing by, meaning you are pretty much guaranteed to spot them!

The best way to see them up close is by booking onto one of the Whale Watching boat trips, which can be arranged for you by Sarah from Happy Travels! See her on the travel desk in the student lounge on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12-3pm.

Myself and Koko went last year (and plan to go again this year!) and had a fantastic time!

Here’s some of the pictures and a video from our trips 🙂

Azazing whale



When I went I also saw a seal (very rare for Byron but there’s one that occasionally visits the Bay!), turtles and heaps of dolphins!

Another special experience you could do is to kayak with them!! This can also be booked through Sarah. You are guaranteed to see dolphins (or get to go again for free!) and have a very high chance of see whales too!



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