Mixed Skills – Shopping Trip

Teacher Kristy tells us about the shopping trip she took with her Mixed Skills Options class…

In Mixed Skills we went shopping!  We learned language for shopping and hit the shops:

“Do you have this in a size 10?”

“Where is the changing room?”

“This doesn’t fit.  It’s too long.”

“Where do I pay?”

Here are some videos and their shop conversations…didn’t they do well?!


Kana                      Excuse me, I’m size 6, do you have this one in an 8?

Shop Assistant  Let’s go have a look.

Where did you get it from?

Kana                      I’m from Japan 😉 Ah, from over there.

Shop Assistant  We’ll go and check that out.  Sorry, we don’t have a 6.

Is it good enough?  You can try a 10.

Kana                      Yes, thank you.  Where is the changing room?

Shop Assistant  Over here.

Kana                      Thank you very much!


Song                      Is this a small size?

Shop Assistant  It’s a 28, it’s the smallest size we do.

Song                      Can I try this on?

Shop Assistant  Yes, of course you can.

Song                      Where is the changing room?

Shop Assistant  It’s here.

Let me know if you need another size.


Asana                    I like it!

Shop Assistant  It’s so nice!  I love the sleeves.

Asa                         It’s a little bit too small…

Shop Assistant  Too small?

Asa                         Yes.

Shop Assistant  I don’t think so…I think the next size might be a bit too big.

Asa                         My hips are wide.

Shop Assistant  Do you think the next size will be better?  Is this the 6?  Do you want me to see if I’ve got an 8?  Yeah?  No, there’s one out the back.

Shop Assistant  What’s your name?

Asa                         Asa.  A S A.

Shop Assistant  I’m Tracey.

Asa                         Nice to meet you.


Doesn’t Asa look beautiful in that dress!



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