Byron Bay Recommendations – from our Intermediate class!

Mel and Julia’s Intermediate class have been covering the subject of ‘Recommendations and Suggestions’.

In pairs or groups of three they were asked to give recommendations for Byron Bay, here’s what they suggested… 🙂


Marta and Juliana:

You should try a surf lesson and hiking to the lighthouse because the view it’s amazing! The best way to get around is by bike. We’d recommend sun beach Wategos, skydiving and kayak would be a good idea as well.  To drink, to talk to friends and just go out, you can go to Beach Hotel. To have breakfast you should definitely go to Kombi. September is probably the best time to visit here because there are people but not too much! Take care with sharks, kangaroos on the road, spiders in your shoes and snakes, because they can be everywhere!


Byron’s Lighthouse, where you can spot dolphins and whales (May-October)

Shiho and Eleonora:

  • It’s probably best to go to the lighthouse and the sunrise and try to see dolphins and whales.
  • That’s well worth seeing the principal beaches like Wategos, Tallows and The Pass.
  • You should definitely see the sunset at Main Beach, where people sing and play drums.
  • The best time to visit is Spring.
  • You really must do surfing and go with kayak.
  • I’d recommend to go to the Rails at because there is live music and you can meet a lot of nice people.
  • You can go to the Gold Coast and visit the big buildings and the beaches.
  • Be careful in the jungle because there are a lot of dangerous animals.

Sunset at Main Beach

Chihiro, Dana and Pinky:

  • I’d recommend to go surfing at Main Beach, because there are some shops and cafes near here so you can enjoy surfing with coffee. You should definitely go to Tallows Beach. You can see beautiful sun rising. There is more private than Main Beach.
  • It’s probably best time to visit in Autumn, because summer is too hot and city is too busy.  
  • You should definitely go to lighthouse. You should see sunrise in the morning and you can also watch dolphins and whales.
  • I’d recommend Beach Hotel at night. You can enjoy DJs music, a lot of drinks, and dancing. And you can see the ocean from there.
Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel; a great place to socialise, with views of Main Beach

Juliane and Ayaka:

I’d recommend to walk between The Pass and Wategos Beach. You should buy a bicycle, ride to The Pass, lock your bike there and walk to Wategoes. You should visit White Beach, is after Broken Head. It’s probably best to rent a car to go to White Beach.

You can use this car also to go to Yamba and Red Cliff. These places are about 2 hours driving south and you can camp there.

You really must go to Crystal Castle and Minyon Falls, Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads.


Wategos Beach; one of Byron’s beautiful beaches

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