FROM A-Z (a brilliant article by our student Patrick Diethelm)


For his writing task this week our Upper Intermediate student, Patrick, wrote this outstandingly good article. Indeed it was so good, we decided to share it below (completely unedited).


Although I’m only 22 years old, I have big plans for my future. At least when it comes to traveling. And after I have improved my English here in Byron Bay, I think my adventure can start.

Lets’s start with a little flashback. The whole «I love to travel» – story started last summer. I just wanted to have some holidays in Spain, but none of my friends had the time or the money to join me. The solution? Going alone! The best decision ever. Despite the fact, that I had no idea how to book a flight or enter the right airplane, I was very proud of myself. I couldn’t believe, that I did this all on my own.

When I arrived in my hotel room in Barcelona, I sat on my bed and was thinking «What are you doing here alone?» On the other hand I was «Amazing, I can do whatever I want to do.» So, it was my decision in which restaurant I will have dinner, if I will go to the beach or rather have a little shopping day. Nobody that could interrupt me.

By this little solo trip I got inspired to go to Australia. Yes, I know it sounds weird but I used to be very shy and I thought if I travel alone in a foreign country that I will become more confident and learn more about myself.

Now I’m sitting here and thinking about how the next 365 days of my life will look like. I’m young, I worked for five years and still live with my parents, what means it’s easy to save some money. Because of that, I think it’s the perfect time to travel the world. From A like Australia across the world, back to Z like my hometown Zurich.

As soon as I finish the school here, I will sit on the back of a kangaroo and will explore the east coast of Australia as well as New Zealand. The Opera House, all the animals, the nature, so many things I would love to see.

After that, my trip is going to Asia. I will take a flight to Bangkok, going to walk around the streets, eat some roasted grasshoppers and get drunk in a casino. In the Philippines, I’m getting a tan at a beautiful beach and in Tokyo, I will learn how to make sushi.

Time to say goodbye to the Asian culture and hola South America. And to be honest, I think I have to buy a pepper spray, because people there seems to be very criminal. It sounds a bit mean, I know, but it’s just what people told me. Anyway, I love the heat, the hotter the better. While everyone is looking for a place in the shadow I will lay in the burning sun in Mexico while I’m eating tacos. Later in Brazil I’m taking some samba lessons, so I can impress my friends when I’m back home.

Then finally, to test my knowledge in English, off to the USA. There are so many amazing cities I’d love to see. Las Vegas, Florida, Chicago or Miami, the list is long. Not to forget, taking a helicopter flight in New York City to see the statue of liberty from above.

So, last but not least, back to Europe. The big capital cities are for waiting for me. Getting high in Amsterdam, eating a schnitzel in Vienna, drinking a cup of tea in London or taking selfies with the Eiffel tower in the background. Europe has a lot to offer.

Now, one year later and after all these his beautiful experiences, the time has come to go back home. Au revoir beautiful France hello Switzerland.

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