New Starters! 9 April

Welcome to our ten new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!

New Starters group pic


Luis is from Porto Alegre, Brazil. His hobbies include playing volleyball, travelling with his family and going to the beach with his friends. He is here at Lexis to improve is English as it is very important for his job, and he feels learning it Australia will be easier than in Brazil!

Yu was born in China but moved to Japan with her family when she was sixteen. She enjoys nature and being by the ocean. She chose Australia for her English studies because of the warm weather and friendly people!

Lou is from France. Her biggest passion is dancing, which she’s been doing since she was 3 years old! She has just been studying English in San Diego but decided to join her parents in Australia and continue her studies here. She will only be with us at Lexis for 2 weeks before returning to France to find work!

Yuichi is from Japan. His main hobbies are football and tennis. He is very happy to be here in Australia improving his English for the next 8 weeks! In the future he would like to work for a football club.

Benoit is from Antwerp, Belgium. His interests are sports, travelling and music. He plays field hockey and is also in the boy scouts. He completed his studies in Economics and Modern Languages and started University, but decided instead to do some travelling and improve his English first! When he returns to Belgium he will continue his University course and hopefully find an international job where he is able to use his new English!

Karin is from Chile. She lives with 7 members of her family and 5 animals! She loves to listen to music, particularly Spanish hip hop. She has been living in Melbourne for the past 10 months and will now spend the next 6 months living and studying in Byron Bay. She has really enjoyed her Australian experience so far and is looking forward to improving her English even further before returning home.

Moe is from Tokyo, Japan. She likes music, movies and art. Her favourite thing to do in her free time is go to festivals. She is very interested in the English language and happy to be here improving her reading and listening skills over the next 4 weeks!

Thalia is from the German speaking part of Switzerland, but her parents are from Central and South America so she grew up bilingual. She enjoys learning new languages, and has even learnt some sign language. Her other hobbies include reading and going to concerts. Since finishing her apprenticeship she has been working for the local government for the past 2 years. She chose Australia for her studies because she wants to experience living on the other side of the world!

Helena is from Brazil. She works for the Federal Government as a civil engineer, supporting water and waste works all over the country. It is important for her work that she improves her English as they have partnerships with foreign countries and she sometimes has to have meetings or give a presentation in English. She chose Australia for her studies because of it being a beautiful country and the warm weather being similar to Brazil; so far she is very happy with her choice!

Marie is from Belgium. She has been playing field hockey since she was 5 years old and has been in the boy scouts since she was very young. She also plays the piano and enjoys reading, drawing, art and history. Another love is hers is learning new languages and using this to make friends from all over the world. She has just been to Spain and Costa Rica to learn Spanish and spent 3 months volunteering there using her new language!


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