New Starters! 8th January

Welcome to our eighteen new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Carina, from Germany, enjoys reading, watching films and traveling. She has been a hairdresser for the past 9 years and worked in her mum’s salon. She quit her job to come travelling and when she returns would like to become an air hostess; this is why she needs to improve her English, as it is very important for this industry!

Mara is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her hobbies are volleyball and swimming. She studied and started working as a dental nurse 2 years ago. She chose Australia for her studies because of the sunny weather and being able to swim everyday!

Sabrina, from Switzerland, is a nurse. Her hobbies include all sports, particularly yoga, and also going out with friends. She wants to improve her English as after her 4 weeks of studies at Lexis she will travel Australia for 6 weeks!

Bettina is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. She loves to ride horses and be in nature. She is looking forward to her time in Australia because of the beautiful weather and nature we have here. She works as a nurse back in Switzerland but hopes to work on a farm in Canada after she’s finished her studies!

Corina is from Bern, the capital of Switzerland. She works in a retail store and wants to improve her English so she can speak to customers from all over the world. She also wants to learn English for traveling, which she plans to do after her 6 weeks of studies!

Sara, from Switzerland, enjoys gymnastics and running. She works as a medical assistant, which she loves as she enjoys helping others! She will study with us at Lexis for 2 months and is really looking forward to improving her English and making friends from all over the world!

Jion is from Korea. Her hobbies include listening to music and surfing the internet. She came to Lexis Byron Bay after the recommendation from one of our former students, the lovely Bitna! She is really excited to be speaking fluent English by time she leaves us next January!

Sandra is from the French speaking part of Switzerland, near Geneva. She loves riding her bike, going to the gym and running. She also enjoys watching TV series and always watches them in English to help her improve the language! After finishing her studies in March she would like to join the Swiss army.

Felicia is Portuguese but lives in Belgium. Her biggest interest was dancing but now she would like to put together a football team! She is also wanting to learn surfing whilst she’s in Australia, she’s certainly in the perfect place for it! She has her Masters degree in advertising and commercial communication. Whilst in Australia she wants to be able to speak fluent English, make lots of friends and have the best 5 months of her life!

Antoine is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. He loves sports, particularly football, American football and tennis! He currently works as a landscape architect but would like to start studying economics. He is excited to be here in a good place with good people learning English!

Oliver is from Switzerland. He loves to be in the beautiful Swiss mountains skiing, hiking and biking. He served in the Swiss army for 10 months but now works as an electrician. He chose Australia for his studies so he can meet people from all over the world and travel the East Coast!

Steffi lives in Champagne, Switzerland. She loves singing and dancing. She works full time as a florist, which she loves! She will study with us at Lexis for 6 weeks and is hoping to learn lots of new vocabulary and make friends she can practice her English with!

Linus is from Entlebuch, Switzerland. In his free time he likes to play football, go swimming and hang out with friends. He has completed an apprenticeship in banking and now works in a small bank. As well as being here to improve his English he is also here to travel, have a great time and make new friends!

Desiree lives in Switzerland, overlooking Lake Konstanz. She is part of gun club so goes shooting in her free time. She works in a Pharmacy as a pharmacy assistant. She needs to improve her English for her job as they have a lot of English customers needing help. It has always been her dream to travel Australia so she is really happy to now be here!

Jonas is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. His hobbies include going to the gym and jogging. His job is to make ceramics for kitchens and bathrooms. He is here in Byron Bay to improve his English so he can communicate easily on his travels around the world!

Sophie lives near Zurich, Switzerland. She is interested in traveling and learning about new cultures and languages. She completed an apprenticeship in nursing and has worked in a hospital for the past 3 years. She loves the summer and they have very long winters in Switzerland; that’s why she chose to come to Australia for her studies, to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather!

Karim lives in Wallis and Futuna, a Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean. He is currently studying Sciences and Economics at High School, but is here for 2 weeks to improve his English. He loves sports, with his favourite being basketball. He wants to be a journalist one day and needs English for this, and also to travel!

Elian is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. She enjoys shooting, listening to music and going on drives. She wants to improve her English as she will visit England with her family for their holidays. She chose Australia for her studies as she is really interested in this wonderful country!


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