Graduation! 15 December

Congratulations and farewell to our twelve students graduating Lexis Byron Bay today!

Luca, from Switzerland, graduates from our Advanced class. His teacher Claudia says his enthusiasm and participation have really added to the dynamics of the class. He has been a conscientious, friendly student who participated well with all his classmates. Best wishes for the future Luca!


Soichiro, from Japan, graduates from Josie’s Pre-Intermediate class. He is a friendly, hard working student and it has been a pleasure to have him here at Lexis. He has achieved a good level of English in his 12 weeks here and we hope he continues to practice after leaving! Good luck for the future Soichiro!

Seohyun, from Korea, graduates from Josie’s Pre-Intermediate class. She first studied with us for 18 weeks last year and decided to come back this year for a further 6 weeks! She scored excellent scores on her tests and graduates with an A! Well done Seohyun!

Frediane, from Switzerland, graduates from Josie’s Pre-Intermediate class. She has a positive, bubbly personality and brought a lot of life and laughter to her classes. It has been a pleasure having her here and we hope to see her back at Lexis again one day!


Noemi, from Switzerland, graduates from Serena’s Pre-Intermediate class. Her attitude was always positive and her inquisitive questions showed her keenness to learn. She should be very proud of her achievements and the progress she has made in her time here. We wish you the very best for the future!


Santiago, from Spain, graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. He has improved his English in all areas in his 12 weeks at Lexis Byron and should be very proud of his hard work and progress. He has also been a key player in many of our sporting activities, particularly soccer! We look forward to welcoming him back in February for a further 12 weeks!

Kaori, from Japan, graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. It has been lovely having her here for the past 12 weeks. In this time she has improved a great deal in all areas, working her way from Pre-Intermediate up to Upper Intermediate! Well done for all your hard work Kaori! We wish you the very best for the future!

Gemma, from Spain, graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. She is a ray of sunshine who is a joy to be around. She works hard and asks lots of questions, which is really helping her to improve her English! We are very pleased this is just goodbye for now, as Gemma will come back to us in January for a further 11 weeks! Enjoy your extended Christmas break!


Suguru, from Japan, graduates from Michelle’s Elementary class. He has only been with us at Lexis for 4 weeks but in this time we have seen his confidence grow immensely and his speaking ability improve a great deal. We hope you continue your English studies and wish you the best of luck finding a job in Australia!


Francesco, from Switzerland, graduates from Kristy’s Intermediate class. He is an enthusiastic student who is very good at making conversation in English. He has improved in all areas in his 6 weeks here at Lexis, particularly his grammar. We are sure your English will continue to improve as you meet people on your travels! Have the best time!


Maxime, from Switzerland, graduates from Elizabeth and Julia’s IELTS class. He is a positive, friendly student who is always smiling. It has been a joy to have him here! His English is at a high standard and he graduates at an Advanced level. Congratulations on all the effort you have put in, we are sure you will continue to do well in the future!

Rafael, from Spain, graduates from Elizabeth and Julia’s IELTS class. He is a hard working, conscientious student and this has paid off with him graduating at an Advanced level, something he should be very proud of! It has been wonderful having him here at Lexis and he will be missed! Good luck with your IELTS exam tomorrow!


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