Graduation! 1st December

Congratulations and farewell to our eleven students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay today!


Fuen (far right). Gabriela, Choi and Esther were all off today (probably enjoying the beach!) so Heitor and Rafael accepted their certificates on their behalf!

Gabriela, from Brazil, graduates from our IELTS class. Her teacher’s Julia and Elizabeth say it’s been an absolute pleasure having her in class . Gabriela always has a positive outlook and plays an active part in class discussions. We all wish you the very best for the future!

Fuen, from Spain, graduates from Julia and Elizabeth’s IELTS class. Her teachers say she is an enthusiastic student with great knowledge of English. They also said she always asked interesting questions and participated well in class discussions. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Byron!

Esther, from Spain, graduates from our IELTS class. Her teachers says she has worked really hard and participated enthusiastically in all class activities. We will all miss your smile and your class will especially miss the laughter you bring to the lessons! Best of luck for the future Esther, it was lovely to meet you!

Choi, from Korea, graduates from our IELTS class. He has been a lively and entertaining presence at Lexis and we will all miss him very much! We hope you enjoyed your 16 weeks here with us and wish you the very best for the future!


Yuka, from Japan, graduates from our Upper Intermediate class with an A! Well done Yuka! Her teacher Claudia says it’s been really lovely to have her in class. She has put in a great deal of effort over the past 12 weeks and should be very proud of her hard work! We wish you all the best for the future!

Isabel, from Germany, graduates from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. We are so glad after enjoying your first enrolment so much you decided to come back to Lexis again, it has been a real pleasure having you here! You have put a lot of effort into all of your studies and made great contributions to class! Good luck for the future Isabel!

Alfredo, from Spain, graduates from Harriett and Serena’s Pre-Intermediate class. It has been such a pleasure having you here, you are always so friendly and positive! Your class will miss your energy and enthusiasm, but we are very pleased you’ll be coming back to us in January to further your English even more! Enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Byran, from Switzerland, graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. His English has improved a great deal in all areas over his 16 weeks with us here at Lexis! He was the youngest in his class, at just 16, but interacted well with all his classmates and participated well in all activities! We hope you enjoyed your time in Byron practicing your English and surfing!

Linda, from Italy, graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. His teacher Harriett described her as an enthusiastic learner who was always polite and respectful. She had a great attitude to learning and everyone loved having her in class! We hope you enjoyed your 12 weeks here with us at Lexis and wish you the very best for your future plans!

Alejandro, from Spain, graduates from Harriett and Serena’s Pre-Intermediate class. His teachers have really enjoyed having his fun energy in class! His English has improved immensely in his 8 weeks at Lexis, especially his speaking. We hope you enjoy your break and look forward to seeing you for your next enrolment in the new year!


Kathleen Yuka

Yuka (Yama), from Japan, graduates from our Intermediate class. Her teacher Kathleen says it has been a delight to have her in class for several reasons; she worked very hard, asked intelligent questions and interacted really well with all the other students! The whole class will miss her wonderful sense of humour! Congratulations on graduating with your A grade!


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