Graduation! 23 November

Congratulations and farewell to our eleven General English students who graduated Lexis Byron Bay last week!


Bitna, from Korea, graduated from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. Bitna always had a positive attitude and showed great dedication to learning English every day. Her efforts in class have paid off as her English skills have massively improved since she arrived in Byron.  Well done Bitna, we will all miss you at Lexis English!

Hannah, from Korea, graduated from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class with an A! She has been studying with us at Lexis Byron for 12 weeks and during that time her enthusiasm and contributions to class discussions have been greatly appreciated! We wish you all the best in using your new language in the future and on your travels!

Anna, from Switzerland, graduated from our Upper Intermediate class. Her teacher Claudia describes her as a conscientious student who always participated well in class. Her contributions were greatly appreciated and her hard work paid of with improvements in all areas. Wishing you the best of luck for the future Anna!


Nathalie, from Switzerland, graduated from Kristy’s Intermediate class. She has been a lovely student with an excellent attitude to learning. Nathalie has made the most of her time with us at Lexis and has improved all aspects of her English skills. It was an absolute pleasure having you here Nathalie, best wishes for the future!

Jasmine, from Switzerland, graduated from our Intermediate class. Her teacher Kristy says she has seen great improvements in both her grammar and English speaking. Jasmine has been with us at Lexis for eight weeks and graduates with an A! Well done Jasmine, we wish you all the best for your future!


Clara, from Switzerland, graduated from Harriett’s Pre-Intermediate class with an A! Well done Clara, you were a fantastic addition to the class! You are always smiley and positive and great to have a conversation with. We hope you have enjoyed being here as much as we have loved having you! We wish you the very best with your travels around Australia!


Maurizio, from Italy, graduated from Michelle’s Elementary class. He has only been with us at Lexis for 4 weeks but his English has improved dramatically in this short time. Michelle says he was a pleasure to have in class, a hard worker who interacted well with other students. We wish you all the best for the future!


Manuel, from Switzerland, graduated from Elizabeth and Julia’s IELTs class. His teachers say he was a great student and they are both thankful for all his participation and contributions to class. His English is at an excellent standard and we are sure he will continue to do well in the future. Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia, we will miss you!


Virginia, from Italy, graduated from Adrienne’s Pre-Intermediate class. She has improved greatly in all areas of her English, but especially her confidence in speaking and her writing skills. You should be very proud of yourself and your progress! Adrienne says Virginia exceeded her expectations and sailed ahead of her level. We wish you the very best with your time in Brisbane and hope to see you again one day!

Filipe, from Portugal, graduated from Adrienne’s Pre-Intermediate class. We have loved having him here at Lexis; he is a friendly student who makes an effort with everyone he meets. Adrienne loved that he always asked her challenging questions with his eagerness to learn. Good luck for the future Felipe, you will be missed!


Marta, from Spain, graduated from Kathleen’s Intermediate class. It is an absolute joy having her here at Lexis. She is a bubbly, friendly, funny student who always has a smile on her face. We will miss hearing her infectious laugh everyday, but only until January when she comes back to us!


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