Paper Free Day!! 7th November

On Tuesday all of our Lexis campuses supported World Paper Free Day!

World Paper Free Day is an annual campaign that aims to reduce the amount of paper generated by people in their everyday work and personal life. Businesses and people are encouraged to stop using paper for the whole day in order to stop them being so reliant on it!

We turned the photocopier and printers off to encourage us all to think about our paper usage and to get our teachers to be even more creative with lesson planning!

For Kathleen’s Intermediate class she used PowerPoint slides and encouraged her students to take pictures on their phones rather than needing photocopies of the slideshow. They then played vocabulary races; where the students were split into teams and had to describe a list of words to the rest of their team members, the winners were the team who guessed all their words the quickest!

Anji took her IELTs class to an internet cafe to research useful sites for IELTs materials. They also did a speaking workshop to help prepare them for their upcoming exams!

Claudia’s Upper Native Speaker options class spent the afternoon in pairs practicing their speaking and conversation skills.

Adrienne had her class explaining how to play different card games to each other for her Conversations options class.

For Michele’s Elementary class she displayed images on the TV and the students had to describe the picture to their partner.

Kristy’s class used the whiteboard for their classes, writing down words to practice their pronunciation!



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