New Starters! 6th November

Welcome to our eight new students and one returning student at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Yuumi is from Tokyo, Japan. She has been dancing Jazz since she was 3 and also loves salsa dancing! Her other hobbies include listening to music, watching movies and walking her dog. She works for a health and beauty company, in customer support and event planning. She wants to improve her English so she can find work in Australia and stay here for the next 2 years!

Andreia lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has been studying biology for the last 2 years but is taking a break to now study English! She owns her own cafe in Brazil, selling food, juices and coffees. She loves meeting new people, traveling and going to the beach. She chose Australia for her studies because of the weather, friendly people and good coffee!

Francesco’s biggest passion is football, which he has been playing for 15 years. He plays for a football team in his home country, Switzerland. He studied economics and now works at a print centre as a customer consultant. He is looking forward to his time here at Lexis; learning the grammar of English, meeting new people and having a great time in this beautiful town!

Leonie, from Switzerland, speaks French with her family and German with her friends. It is her dream to learn many languages, with English currently being top of her list. Her hobbies include volleyball and snowboarding. She has been doing an apprenticeship in a hospital as a nurse for the past 3 years. It is her ambition to improve her English so she can go to many countries and help sick people there.

Lurdes (Maria) lives in L’Ametlla De Mar in Spain; a small fisherman village. She loves sports, in particular running. She owns a restaurant in Spain where she serves seafood, tapas and paella! She also works for a tourism office, as their community manager and organising events. She has now decided to take 6 months off to learn English and travel Australia!

Frediane, from Switzerland, lives on a farm up in the mountains. She is a singer and also loves skiing. She works with children and people with disabilities, but also in a restaurant in a ski station! She chose to do her English studies in Australia as it’s a beautiful place and she wants to learn about different cultures. Byron Bay was recommended to her as a great place to learn, make new friends and have a relaxing time!

Yuka is from Japan, where she lives in Nagoya city, the third biggest city in Tokyo. She enjoys singing and listening to music. Before coming to Australia she studied English in the Philippines for 2 months. She would like to work in an English environment so wants to improve her fluency further. Her dream is to become a counselor for other people wanting to study abroad and she will use her own experiences to help them with this!

Manuel, from Switzerland, loves sports; particularly calisthenics and beach handball. He has just finished high school and is on his gap year before starting university. He chose to study at Lexis as he is hoping to make lots of friends he can then travel with! While here he’ll also being doing our surf in action course; 4 surfs lesson a week!

Seohyun is from Korea. She studied here with us at Lexis Byron Bay last year for 18 weeks, and enjoyed her time so much she’s decided to come back again this year for a further 10 weeks!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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