English Only Offenders – What they wrote about the English Only Policy

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Over the past month, a few students have been caught speaking their own language in the English Only Zones of the school. (All the classrooms, the office, the seating area and grass out the front, the bike stands and the stairs up from the accommodation/student lounge.)

When a student commits a first offence, they have to write an English Only Essay explaining why the English Only rule is important and also why they broke it.

Here’s some of the essays, I’ve received recently:

English Only 2

And here are some of the comments they wrote:

I think that the English Only Policy is so important. If we speak in our own language other people can’t understand us and can feel excluded. Anon


If you force yourself a little to speak English, it will help you immediately. Bianca


The English Only Policy is important because we learn better English when we’re speaking all the time in this language. Also, when we’re in a group with people from other countries and and we speak our mother language then it isn’t nice for those who don’t. So this letter is a lesson for me! Nathalie


It’s necessary to respect the students of other countries. Santi


People come from all over the world and it’s important to speak English because it is the universal language and it’s the language everyone can speak and everybody is coming to learn this language. Lydie


I was so relaxed that I forgot the English Only Policy for a moment. I felt so sorry and ashamed when the teacher caught us because actually I know exactly that we are not allowed to speak English on the campus. Stefanie


I will make an effort for the people in the school and for me. I respect the people and the place. I like this school (and) I apologize to the Campus Manager for my mistake. Charlotte

I’m still waiting for essays from Esther, Jasmine, Silvan, Adriana and Sharon (although I have two here with no names).

Thanks to all our students for (mostly) respecting the policy and making Lexis English Byron Bay such a great and friendly place to be.

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