Graduation!! 27 October

This week we say a sad farewell to 11 lovely students.

Elementary – Teacher: Michelle

Reo and Kento, both from Japan, leave the Elementary class this week.

Reo was only at Lexis for 8 weeks but his progress has been outstanding. When her arrived at school he found it very difficult to have even the most basic conversation but now he is able to talk to anybody! Michelle said that they will miss his smiley face in class and hope that he can find a fun job in Australia and enjoy the rest of his time here.


Kento was only her in Byron Bay for two weeks, although he was in Lexis Noosa beforehand. Michelle said that Kento participated well in all activities and his speaking and confidence improved during his short time here. Kento is leaving Byron Bay to start a new job on the Gold Coast.


Pre-Intermediate 1 – Teacher: Harriett

Pre-Intermediate 1 say farewell to Fabio (Italy) and Nicole (Switzerland) this week. Both students have been at Lexis for 8 weeks.

Fabio started in Elementary and then moved into Pre-Intermediate after six weeks. His teachers (Michelle and now Harriett) said that he is a very kind person with a great sense of humour. Also, that he had a great attitude to learning and participated in all the class conversations.

Nicole’s teachers said that she is very friendly and easy to converse with. In particular, her English speaking and pronunciation are excellent and she shows great enthusiasm for learning. Nicole will now be travelling in Australia so will have plenty of opportunity to practice the English she’s learned.



Pre-Intermediate 2 – Teacher: Adrienne

Three students are leaving Pre-Intermediate 2 this week: Lucio and Alessandra from Brazil and Fabio from Switzerland. All three students studied at Lexis Byron Bay for four weeks.

Adrienne praised Alessandra for her contributions in class and her ability to self-correct. She also said that she is a great language learner because she is not shy to try to give an answer or read out a sentence and always keen to learn. Alessandra will definitely be missed from the class.

Mario, Alessandra’s husband, leaves with grade “A” despite finding the class speaking activities quite difficult at first. Adrienne said that she is very impressed with his progress and knows that he will continue to sail forward.

Fabio was described as easy-going and fun to have in the classroom and Adrienne said she would be sad to lose him from the class. He always had something to contribute and asked great questions. He also graduates with a grade “A”.



Intermediate 2 – Teacher: Kathleen

Kathleen’s class loses two students this week. Svetlana from Switzerland, who has been at Lexis for eight weeks and Fuku from Japan, who has only been here for two.

Svetlana’s grammar knowledge improved significantly during her time at the school and she graduates with a “A” grade (meaning she scored 84% or more on her last four weekly tests). Kathleen said that it was a pleasure to have her in class because of her excellent participation and her strong conversational skills.

As for Fuko, even though she has only been at Lexis for two weeks, she has made a big impression. Kathleen said that her grammar and vocabulary knowledge were great and that she has been able to communicate really well and fluently with all her classmates. All the class enjoyed hearing about some of her life experiences!!!




Upper Intermediate – Teacher: Claudia

The Upper Intermediate class is losing the lovely Unai, this week. Unai, from Spain has been at Lexis for four weeks and has been a conscientious student who has participated very well in class. Claudia said his contributions and enthusiasm really added to the dynamics of the class and that they all wished him the very best for the future.

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CAE – Teacher: Josie

Pascale leaves CAE this week after 8 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. Although Pascale hadn’t initially signed up for CAE, her placement test showed her to be perfect for this exam preparation class and the exam. Josie said that her command of the English language is very good and she has proved herself to be very competent across all skill areas. She has also been a cheerful, engaged and conscientious student, who Josie said has been a pleasure to teach. Pascale will take her CAE examination in Melbourne, while she is travelling and we wish her all the best.


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