September’s Table Tennis Tournament! 20th September

Last Wednesday we had our Table Tennis Tournament! As we now have two teaching schedules we had a morning and afternoon tournaments, meaning two winners this month!!

Morning Tournament


Harriett VS Katjana: Katjana

Louis VS Silvan: Louis

Harriett VS Silvan: Silvan

Louis VS Katjana: Louis

With Louis winning both his matches this made him our morning champion!!!


They then played doubles which Katjana and Silvan won, making our morning activities officer Harriett the only player who didn’t walk away a winner!!



Afternoon Tournament

We had 20 eager players in our afternoon tournament! Winners from the first round were:

Choi VS Fabian: Choi

Leonie VS Gina: Gina

Olivia VS Richard: Richard

Tobias VS Diego: Tobias

Ramona VS Chris: Chris

Hannah VS Shin: Shin

Han Vs Oli: Oli

Yuta VS Tae: Tae

Gustavo R VS Damaris: Gustavo R

Gustavo S VS Ana: Gustavo

The winners then making it through to the Semi Finals were:

Choi VS Gina: Choi

Richard VS Tobias: Tobias

Chris VS Shin: Chris

Oli VS Tae: Tae

Gustavo R VS Gustavo S: Gustavo S 

As we had an uneven amount of players for our Semi Final it was agreed Gina would get to play again after playing an amazing game against Choi and only narrowly missing out on winning!

The results of the Semi Final were:

Choi VS Tobias: Tobias

Chris VS Tae: Chris

Gustavo VS Gina: Gustavo

As we had three players making it through to the Final they each played against one another:

Tobias VS Chris: Tobias

Tobias VS Gustavo: Tobias

Chris VS Gustavo: Chris

With Tobias winning both his games this made him our afternoon September champion!! With Chris coming in second place!





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