New Starters! 18th September

Welcome to our eleven new students starting at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Martina is from Milan, Italy. She enjoys walking, studying and traveling. She has just finished high school where she studied French, German and English. In the future she plans to study Science of the Earth at University. She choose to come to Australia as her friends told her how good English schools are in here, both for improving the language and yourself!

Marta Camilla is also from Milan, Italy. She loves reading, cooking, listening to music and all things beauty related. She will study with us at Lexis for the next 8 weeks and when she returns to Milan she will be attending a Makeup Academy so she can turn her biggest hobby into a job!

Lydie is from Switzerland. She loves festivals, music and people! She also enjoys being in the mountains for the fresh air and wonderful views. She came to Australia as it has always been a dream of hers and friends recommended Byron Bay as one of their favourite places. She isn’t sure what she’d like to do in the future but she is hoping her time here and travels will help her decide on this!

Marta is from Spain and has just finished her studying Economy and Marketing at University in Valencia. She loves sports and is really looking forward to being able to surf everyday now she is in Australia! She wants to improve her English as it is important for a lot of jobs in Spain!

Lea lives in Switzerland with her parents, 3 brothers and one sister. In her free time she enjoys going out with her friends, spending time and the lake, and hiking with her family. She worked as a shop assistant before coming to Australia and when she returns she will work in a sports shop selling ski and snowboarding equipment. She chose Byron Bay for her studies because of the beautiful beaches and lovely people! She wants to improve her English for her travels around Australia!

Irene is from Spain. She loves the beach and surfing, so Byron Bay was the perfect study location for her! She also enjoys reading and writing and is the co-author of a book in Spain! She has just finished her Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Design and worked in a production company, however when she returns she would like to find a job in the study sector. She wants to improve her English as she feels it is the most important language in the world and will help her find a good job!

Adriana lives in Bern, Switzerland. Her hobbies include singing, going to the gym, playing volleyball and spending time with her family and friends. She will study with us at Lexis for 2 months and then travel Australia for 2 months. She is wanting to improve her English for her travels and is looking forward to meeting lots of new people along the way!

Han (Yonghwan) is from Korea and loves listening to hip hop music and exercising. He has taken a semester off from University to come to Australia for a year; where he will study English, work and travel! He wants to be able to speak English fluently so he can meet people from all over the world during his travels!

Charlotte, from Switzerland, enjoys playing the guitar and dancing. She also enjoys sports, like jogging in the summer and skiing in the winter! After she finished school she completed a three year apprenticeship for a health insurance company. She wants to improve her English so she can get a good job when she returns to Switzerland!

Kaori is from Chigasaki City in Japan. She enjoys travelling, shopping and playing tennis. She worked as a doctor in Japan, specialising as a gastroenterologist. She would like to improve her English so she is able to complete the OET (Occupational English Test)!

Samira is from Switzerland. She enjoys yoga, skiing, hiking and spending time with friends and family. She works as a hairdresser and makeup artist. She wants to improve her English so she can meet people from all over the world on the travels she plans to do after her 8 weeks studying with us at Lexis!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.




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