New Starters – General English! 4th September!

Welcome to our twenty new General English students starting at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Pascale lives on a farm with her family in Switzerland. She enjoys sports and is looking forward to taking surf lessons and buying a skateboard for her her time in Byron Bay! She currently works as a sales manager at a company producing medical instruments. She chose to further her studies in English so she can take her Advanced exam when she returns to Switzerland, but would like to travel Australia first!

Gioele is from South Switzerland, so a fluent Italian speaker. He was working for a company selling construction material but found this quite stressful, so decided to come to Byron Bay, one of the most relaxed places in the world!  He wants to improve his English because he says with it being the most important language in the world it will enable him to travel and work anywhere!

Andrea, from Switzerland, loves all sports and being active. She was working as a shop assistant but will work in a restaurant when she returns home. She chose to come to Australia to improve her English and to travel this beautiful country, which she plans to do at the end of her 6 weeks of study!

Ana, from Switzerland, loves reading, photography and drawing! In the future she would like to study marketing and communication at University.  She wants to improve her English so she can travel the world, and decided to do it in Australia because of the great lifestyle here!

Hyunha, from Korea, will go by her English name Hannah while here in Australia. She enjoys cooking, listening to music and playing volleyball. She is studying to become a primary school teacher and is looking forward to teaching the children Korea’s traditional dance and how to play instruments, amongst other subjects! She chose to study at Lexis Byron Bay so she can make friends and speak English with many different nationalities!

Nicole is from Switzerland, where she lives on a farm with her family. She enjoys going out with her friends and spending time with her puppy Mia. She is a nurse and looks after elderly people. She chose to come to Australia as her dad is a big fan of the country and they have family friends here in Queensland!

Svetlana lives in Switzerland, but her parents are from Serbia. She speaks Serbian, Italian, Spanish, German and is looking forward to improving her English! She has a bachelor in Social Services and works as a social worker in a hospital. She wants to improve her English as she feels it is important for everything in life; travel, work and news / world information. After her studies at Lexis she will travel around Australia, using her English along the way!

Leo is from Japan and will study with us at Lexis for 8 weeks. He chose to improve his English in Byron Bay as he loves to surf, he is really looking forward to being able to do this every day!

Nathalie is from Switzerland and lives in a town next to the capital city, Bern. In her free time she enjoys being outside and making things with her friends. Her family have a house in the Swiss mountains so she loves to ski in the winter. She works as a medical assistant in a practice with 7 doctors. She wants to improve her English as she feels it is the most important language to have!

Fabian, from Switzerland, enjoys skateboarding, trekking, cooking and playing video games. He works a butcher and is responsible for the production. He chose to study English in Australia as he has always wanted to visit and wants to live in another part of the world for a while. His future plans are to improve his English and career within butchery!

Judit is from Barcelona, Spain. She loves nature and reading books; Byron is the perfect place for this! She loves spending time outside doing yoga and with her two little dogs! She studied Economics at University and works as a Junior Accountant. She wants to improve her English for travelling and to find a good job!

Ramona, from Switzerland, love sports and hiking in nature. Her biggest passion though is music! She loves listening to and playing music; she plays the trumpet, trombone and piano! She works as a nurse in a rehabilitation centre, which she finds very rewarding. She wanted to study in Australia so she can see more of the world, beautiful nature and different cultures. After her 5 weeks at Lexis she will travel Australia and Bali!

Miriam, from Spain, studied tourism and loves to travel! She enjoys seeing new places, meeting people and getting to know different cultures. In the future she would like to have her own travel agents focusing on Latin America travel. She wants to improve her English as she understands it is very important for work within hospitality!

Damaris lives in the North of Switzerland. She enjoys snowboarding and skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. She works as a seller in a jewelry shop, which she really enjoys as she gets to talk to clients from all over the world. She chose to come to Australia to explore this wonderful country and improve her English so can find a new job on her return to Switzerland!

Anna lives in a small village in the Swiss mountains. In her free time she enjoys going out on her bike around the mountains and also skiing and hiking. She worked as a nurse in a hospital but quit to come travel and study! She wants to improve her English for when she returns to being a nurse, as she meets people from all over the world it will make her job easier. She is looking forward to seeing more of the world, making new friends and improving her English!

Sergio is from Spain. He studied Police Science in the Police University of Spain and also Techniques in Journalism. For the last 10 years he has worked as a police officer in Spain and Europe. He is now taking a break from his job to travel around the world. His goals are to learn more English, meet new people and live this experience to the fullest! He has just spent 3 months travelling Europe and a further 3 months in Asia, so now it’s time to enjoy Australia for the next 7 months!

Clara lives in Switzerland but her father is Croatian and her mother is Italian, so she has 3 nationalities! She loves music and watching movies in her free time. She is a watchmaker for a Chopard manufacturer. She has always dreamt of coming to Australia so now she is combining her dream with improving her English for her job! After her 3 months at Lexis she will travel the rest of Australia!

Kazumi is from Japan. Her hobbies include cooking, sports and music. She studies Cooking and Nutrition at college in Japan and plans to be a Nutritionist. . She chose Australia for her English studies as she wants to also learn about the Australian culture.

Fabio is from Italy. His hobbies are football, which he has played for 25 years, and surfing, which he only started last year. He is looking forward to improving his surfing while he is in Byron Bay! He wants to improve his English so he will find it easier to travel the world, and maybe even find work and stay in Australia for a few years!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing or Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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