New Starters! 7th August

Welcome to our nine new starters joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Myeongjun, from Korea, would like to be called by his English name, Richard, whilst he’s here with us at Lexis! This was the name he starting using when studying in the Philippines. He enjoys any exercise related activity, with his favourite sport being basketball. He decided to come to Australia and study here after recommendations from friends and is looking forward to practicing his English speaking with people from all over the world!

Johana is from Peru, where she lives in the capital, Lima. In her free time she enjoys cooking and making her own recipes. She also loves travelling to experience different places and cultures. She quit her job as a travel agent, where she has worked for 10 years, to come to Australia and improve her English to further her career. When she returns to Peru she would like to set up her own travel agency or change career and start working as a chef!

Valeriana, from Brazil, prefers to be called Valeria or Val. She loves travelling and going to the beach, so coming to Byron Bay for her studies was a great decision for her! She is wanting to improve her English so she can get a job within the tourism industry in Brazil.

Diego, from Brazil, lives with his mum and brother in Porto Alegre. He enjoys having BBQs with his friends, playing soccer and occasionally games on his computer. He is currently studying at college and just taking a break to improve his English and enjoy this beautiful country!

Emilie, from France, works as the technical director of a winery in Pomeral, near Bordeaux. Her parents also own a winery and this is how she started to love the tasting and producing of wine! Her other hobbies are surfing, which she is very much looking forward to doing every day while she’s in Byron! She is wanting to improve her English so she can communicate better with people from all other the world who she meets regularly at her work!

Pietro, from Italy, is still at High School and just here with us at Lexis for 1 week! He studies ancient languages such as Latin and Greek at his school, so wanted to come here to just focus on his English. He chose Australia because of how beautiful it is with it’s mix of nature and cities. When he finishes school he will start University to perhaps study to become a doctor!

Tobias, from Switzerland, works as an accountant for the government of Basel. In his free time he does a lot of sports, including soccer and basketball, and also goes to the gym twice a week to do weightlifting. It was his childhood dream to come to Australia and see it’s beautiful scenery and experience the culture, and he decided to combine this with improving his English! When he returns to Switzerland he would like to get a job with an International company and in order to do this he will need a pass on the CAE exam, which he will be completing here in November!

Bianca, from Brazil, loves sports and being in nature. She studied nutrition and gastronomy at University and opened her own restaurant in Brazil. She chose to come to Australia for her studies because of the lifestyle here and board sports that she’s really looking forward to doing in her free time!

Thayna, from Brazil, studied Biology at University but has worked for the last few years in a restaurant to save up money to come to Australia! She is really looking forward to this experience as she loves meeting new people and knows Australia is a great and beautiful country to learn and enjoy!

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