Graduation – 29 June 18

This week we say a fond farewell to six students: Helena, Gabriela and Andre from Brazil, Karin from Chile, Jion from Korea and Yu from Japan.

Andre was here for a whopping 24 weeks and progressed from Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate. He was a very sociable and polite student and his teachers said it was great having him in class. Andre has already left to go travelling so we weren’t able to get a picture of him with his certificate but we wish him all the best.


Helena actually graduates with an Advanced Certificate, having recently spent some weeks in our Cambridge Advanced Preparation course. She has been a very mature and positive student and has worked very hard to improve her already strong foundation of the English language. She was also an active participant in all the free activities and, one time, was our only female player in the Byron-famous Lexis soccer team.


Gabriella started in Intermediate and then did our Cambridge FCE preparation course before spending her last month in General English. She graduates with an Upper Intermediate certificate and all her teachers said how enthusiastic, motivated and conscientious she was and how much her English has improved. It’s difficult to believe that she’s only just 18. She is going on to do volunteer work in Thailand and we wish her all the best.

Karin graduates from Upper Intermediate after 12 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. Karin had already spent some time at school in Melbourne before joining us and this showed in her speaking confidence. She participated really well in all the class discussions and really improved her accuracy (which was her weakness) during her time here. Karin will now return to Chile and we wish her all the best.


Jion graduates from Pre-Intermediate. She has worked extremely hard since joining Lexis Byron Bay with very little English. Her confidence with speaking has dramatically improved and her teacher complimented her pronunciation, in particular. Her grammar and vocabulary knowledge was already good for her level and is now excellent. We wish she could’ve stayed in Byron but she is now off to experience city life at Lexis Brisbane.

Yu also graduates from Pre-Intermediate and will be sorely missed. Her teacher described it perfectly when she said that Yu “has such a beautiful and graceful approach to learning English,” and also praised her understanding of grammar and use of vocabulary. Yu was a strong participant both in class and with the activities and really threw herself into Byron life.

We wish all of you happy and safe travels and hope to maybe see you again back in Byron Bay!

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