Graduation! 28th July

Today we said farewell and good luck to ten Lexis Byron Bay students and see you soon to two more!!


Beatriz, from Brazil, graduates from Claudia’s Advanced class. She worked hard in her studies and these efforts paid off as she greatly improved her English skills during her time here in Byron!  Her enthusiasm and contributions to class discussions and activities were all greatly appreciated. Best of luck for the future and we hope see you again one day!

Silvia, from Italy, graduates from the Advanced class. Her teacher Claudia expressed how lovely it was to have her in class and that she should be very proud of the effort she put into improving her English. She was a conscientious student who always participated well in class discussions. We are sure you will do well in the future and wish you the very best with this!

Ferran, from Spain, graduates from Claudia’s Advanced class. His grasp of the English language is outstanding and he participated well in all class activities and discussions. It was a pleasure having him here at Lexis (for the second time!) and we hope we see him again next year!

Marta, from Spain, graduates from Claudia’s Advanced class. She has been a dedicated and hard working student and this has paid off with her improving her English in all areas! She has a great attitude and it was lovely having her here at Lexis! We wish you the very best for the future!


Isaure, from France, graduates from Josie’s Upper Intermediate class. She has been a keen learner and dedicated student. Her level of English is very high and something she should be very proud of. We hope you enjoyed your time at the school and on your surf lessons and wish you all the best for the future!

Zoe, from France, graduates from the Upper Intermediate class. Her teacher Josie says she’s been a great student and worked really hard to improve her English, which is at a excellent level! We hope you continue your studies and surfing!

Maria, from Spain, graduates from Josie’s Upper Intermediate class. Although she’s only been here 3 weeks she has put a lot of effort into her studies; she always contributed to class discussions with ideas and knowledge and this was greatly appreciated! We wish you all the best!

Maria Angel, from Spain, graduates from Josie’s Upper Intermediate class. She started at Lexis in our Pre-Intermediate class and in her 12 weeks here she has worked her way up to Upper Intermediate, graduating with a B! She has a lovely, cheerful, positive personality which will be very much missed in class and in the activities!


Kumiko, from Japan, graduates from Michelle’s Elementary class. Her progress in the last 10 weeks has been outstanding! She came to Lexis with a very low level of English and is now one of the highest in her class. She has worked hard to achieve this and should be very proud of her progress! We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia!


Francois, from France, graduates from Mel and Paul’s Intermediate class. His teacher Mel expressed what a joy it was having him in class, saying everyone enjoyed his humour and entertainment! Despite only being 13 he got along extremely well with his older classmates and made lots of friends in his time her at Lexis. He will be very much missed by all!

Paloma, from Spain, graduates from Mel and Paul’s Intermediate class. She is an absolute joy to have at Lexis and we’re all very pleased we’ll be seeing her again when she’s back to the IELT’s preparation classes! She is an extremely intelligent person who understands new grammar quickly and effortlessly.  We’re glad this isn’t goodbye yet!


Luke (Kyoung Lee), from Korea graduates from our Pre-Intermediate class. This also isn’t goodbye as Luke will be coming back to Lexis after a few weeks back home in Korea! His teacher Kristy says he been great to have in class, a really friendly student! His English pronunciation is excellent and his grammar and spelling have improved a great deal in his time at Lexis. Enjoy your trip and we look forward to seeing you again in September!

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