Meet the staff – Homestay Officer, Koko

You may have noticed a new face in the office, over the last few weeks. This is Kayoko (Koko) our new Homestay Officer.

Koko is taking over from Naomi, who sadly will be leaving Byron Bay next weekend to continue on her  travels. Koko has already settled in really well and we are enjoying her positivity and enthusiasm in the office.

We asked her a few questions to introduce herself:

  1. Where did you grow up?
    We moved a lot when I was little so, many places in Japan plus Brazil for couple of years when I was 7.

    2.   Which languages can you speak?

    Japanese and English.

    3.  Which countries have you visited?
    America, Brazil, Thailand, India, Laos, Malaysia, England, Greece, Mexico

4. What do you love the most about your job?
I’m still new, so my experiences are still quite limited, but my colleagues are all super nice and it’s wonderful.
Also all the students I’ve been meeting from all over the world are so gorgeous, fun, nice, and I’m loving them. There is a great fun vibe to the school, it is a great place to work:)

5.  What is your top English learning tip?
Get a boyfriend or girlfriend!  If not, homestay is a great way:)

6.   What have you always wanted to be?

7.  Where will we find you at 11pm on Saturday?

In my jammies about to go to bed.

8.  What about 8am on a Saturday?
Hopefully jogging up to the lighthouse.

9.   Tell us something not to miss out on in Byron Bay…
Whales! If you are visiting here during June – Nov, you can see many whales migrating up north  from the lighthouse walk; often mothers with their calves. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of Byron and spotting whales is so exciting. The best way to experience them is to go on the whale watching boat. You get to see them so close, and they are truly magical….

10.  Which is your favourite restaurant/cafe in Byron Bay?
Kinoko for very good sushi. Miss Margarita and Cyprus Tree are very good too. Cardamon Pod and Heart and Halo for good cheap hearty meals.

11.  What is your dream holiday destination?
There are so many…  All the beautiful places in the world

12. Tell us something we didn’t know…
Less is more.


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