Beer Tasting! 5th May

Last Friday we had our Beer Tasting activity, which unsurprisingly is always a popular activity with the students!

We tasted 6 different beers; Temptress (Chocolate Porter), The Fix (Indian Pale Ale), Weihenstephaner (Pilsner), Little Creatures (Pale Ale), White Rabbit (Dark Ale) and Timothy Taylors (Premium Ale).

After each tasting the students had to write down what they could taste, the mark they’d give it out of 10 and guess the price. They scored a point for any words that matched the description (e.g. citrus, coffee, bitter) and a point if they guessed the price within 50 cents.

Aline was our winner and received a slice of the delicious birthday cake Naomi had made me!

After totaling up everyone’s marks out of 10, Little Creatures (Pale Ale) and The Fix (Indian Pale Ale) were the clear winners!


Great way to end the week and spend my birthday at work!

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