Graduation! 28th April

Congratulations to our eight students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Martina, from Italy, is graduating from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. Kathleen expressed what a pleasure it was to have Martina in the class as she made so many positive contributions to the learning environment. Her participation in class discussions was excellent and her intelligent, analytical questions benefited all the students. She richly deserves her A achievement grade as she worked very hard in class and in self-study. Your English will surely continue to improve as you have a wonderful attitude to language learning.  Martina is off to travel around Asia: exploring countries like Japan, Bali and Cambodia. Have a wonderful time Martina, you will be missed here!

(Oliver did not graduate, and is holding up the register.)

Sophie, from Switzerland, is graduating from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. She is a very intelligent student, which makes it no surprise that she graduates with a grade A. She understands new language easily and always participates well with her classmates. Her listening skills are excellent and her writing skills have improved steadily each week. Keep working hard at Lexis Perth- we wish you the best of luck for the future!


Suji, from Korea, is graduating from Kristy’s Pre-intermediate class. Suji is a great and positive person who has shown great progress in ALL areas of English, especially her speaking and listening – well done! Her grammar is strong and she is extending her vocabulary too. All the very best for when you return and enter Intermediate level – you’re ready for it!

Nami, from Japan, is graduating from Kristy’s Pre-intermediate class. She is a great student and a very kind person. She tries very hard with her pronunciation and she has learnt a lot of new vocabulary and grammar. She has shown a great deal of progress in all areas of her English – especially her speaking and listening. Well done Nami- all the best for the future!

Thais, from Brazil, is graduating from Kristy’s pre-intermediate class. When she came to Lexis she was very new to English, now she’s graduating pre-intermediate and her last test result was 98%. She has shown excellent progress in her grammar and vocabulary. It has been wonderful to have you at school Thais, good luck in your next venture!


Helena, from Spain (actually Catalonia), graduates from Mel and Adrienne’s Intermediate class. Her English has improved a huge amount in the last twelve weeks, especially her writing. Her exam results have also improved steadily. She has an excellent attitude to her studies and participated well with her classmates. We will certainly miss Helena coming into reception and laughing at everything! She is going onto travel round Australia and then to Bali, and meeting up with some of her friends from Lexis along the way. Good luck Helena, you will be missed!


Sandra, from Switzerland, graduates from Mel and Adrienne’s Intermediate class. She has come so far in the past eleven weeks with her English and also with her confidence. It has been a delight to see Sandra make so many friends and engage in all the social activities Byron has to offer. She worked very hard and been dedicated to her studies, and her writing and listening skills are testimony to this. Her lovely personality and smile have brightened the classroom. Sandra goes onto Nice, France next to live with a homestay family and fully immerse herself in the French language and culture, what a fantastic adventure! Good luck Sandra!

Shogo, from Japan, graduates from Mel and Adrienne’s Intermediate class. He was a pleasure to have in class. He started his course in the Elementary class and has made excellent progress to be graduating from the Intermediate class 12 weeks later. His pronunciation has improved most profoundly during his time here. He has been a wonderful addition to the class and will be sorely missed. Shogo will be staying local in Byron Bay and finding himself a job here so that he can continue to improve his English by working with native speakers. Good luck Shogo!

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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