New Starters! 24th April

Welcome to our nine new starters joining us at Lexis Byron Bay!!


Maria Clara is from Brazil. She has worked as a psychologist for the Brazilian government since 2005.  Her hobbies include diving , Pilates and travel. She chose to study in Byron Bay as she wanted to experience living in a small city and heard great things about the weather and beaches!

Angelo is from Switzerland, but has family in Peru and Spain so has also spent some time living in both countries. His interests are arts, music, drawing, dance and photography. He has just graduated from college and is now taking a gap year for travelling before starting his studies in medicine. He chose to study English in Australia as it is one of the most interesting and multicultural countries in the world, and picked Byron Bay because of friends recommendations!

Sandro is from Switzerland. His hobbies are floorball; he is a coach for a woman’s team who are currently in the top 2 of the Liga in Switzerland. He is also a gardener which he really enjoys as he gets to work outside in the beautiful city of Bern. He chose to come to Australia to improve his English because of the beautiful beaches and sunshine!

Asami is from Japan. She works as a dental hygienist. She chose to come to Australia to study English as she loves the beach and wants to improve her English for travelling!

Mai is Japan.  She loves traveling and has visited many countries. She chose to study in Australia so she can make new friends and enjoy the ocean! She wants to improve her English as in the future she would like to work in a travel agency or teach English to children. She also wants to finish travelling the world and be able to talk with people from all different countries!

Maxime is from France. He has been a qualified carpenter for the last year and would like to work within this industry whilst he is in Australia. He is wanting to improve his English as he feels it is very important these days as it helps you to communicate with a lot of people. He chose to study in Byron Bay because of the world class waves!

Madoka is from Japan. She works in a baby and children’s toy shop, which she loves. She wants to learn English so she can sing English songs and watch English movies without subtitles. She chose to study in Australia because of the beautiful sea, sky, fresh food and nature!

Kensaku is from Japan. He is married to Madoka, who also joins us at Lexis this week. He loves the sea and surfing so Byron Bay was the obvious choice for his English studies! He works as a hairdresser in Japan and would like to find a job while in Australia; this is one of the reasons he is wanting to improve his English, and also so he can make new friends!

Laura is from Chile.  She has just finished studying Business at University and is now wanting to improve her English as it’s very important for her career. Her hobbies include listening to music, especially at festivals, and outdoor sports. She chose to study in Byron bay because she loves small towns, surfing and the beach!

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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