Meet the Staff – Naomi; Homestay


Where did you grow up?

 In Watford, North London – the home of Harry Potter World!


Which languages can you speak?

Only one – English! How embarrassing! I got a B in GCSE French too – Bonjour!


Which countries have you visited?

Too many to count, but I’ll try….. Australia, India, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, America, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Spain, Portugal and Turkey!


What do you love the most about your job?

Working with such a great team – especially Claire and Lisa 🙂


What is your top English learning tip?

Speak English with your friends and encourage them to correct you.


What have you always wanted to be?

I love food, so any job relating to eating would be great!


Where will we find you at 11pm on a Saturday?

At the Mez Club ordering Lychee Martinis 😛


What about 8 am on a Saturday?

Probably still in bed – thinking about where to go for breakfast.



Tell us something not to miss out on in Byron Bay….

The tacos from Chihuahua!


Which is your favourite restaurant/cafe in Byron Bay?

The Farm – for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


What is your dream holiday destination?

On safari in Kenya – I’ve already been but I’m desperate to go back.


Tell us something we didn’t know…

My brother was an extra in the first Harry Potter film #claimtofame

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