New Starters! December 12

Welcome to the five new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Bruno is from Brazil and is an only child. His father is a Mechanic and his mother works for a company as the Manager of Distribution. Bruno likes diving, surfing, playing piano, the beach and  nature. He works from home as a Goldsmith. He decided to come to Australia for the warm weather and similar climate to Brazil. He wants to learn English so he can further his knowledge for his career with courses in other countries.

Axel is from Switzerland and lives in the small town of Fribourg. He has a large family, with two brothers and two  sisters. He completed his apprenticeship as a Watch Maker but wants to follow a new career path when he returns, possibly working in the Luxury Car industry. He decided to learn English because it is an important language that is useful for discovering other countries and ways of life in the world.

Thomas is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family, including his parents and older sister. He loves playing tennis and football. After completing school he decided that he prefers manual labour over sitting at a desk so now works as a gardener. He chose to study English in Australia because it is a wonderful country and it’s a good excuse to get out of Switzerland for their Winter!

Larissa is from Brazil and lives in the city of Sao Paulo with her mother and brother. She is studying Biomedical Engineering at university and in the future hopes to continue her studies at a university with a more advanced course in this area. This is part  of the reason for her wanting to study English. She also chose to study in Australia because she has a cousin living in Sydney and she visited Australia herself when she was a young child but doesn’t remember much of that trip. She chose to live in Byron Bay to experience living in a small town with a calm, relaxing lifestyle and after just one day here so far, she already loves it!

Shirori is from Japan and is one of four in her family, with her mother, father and older brother. She loves yoga and hopes to one day be a yoga teacher. She decided to study English to help her reach this goal. She chose to study in Byron Bay because this area is well known for having a lot of different yoga classes and retreats to experience.



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