New Starters! December 5

Welcome to the 16 new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Back row (left to right): Roy, Ana, Tina, Mariana, Simon, Stefanie, Valerie, Marion, David, Yuki; Front row (left to right): Julia, Karise, Katuicia, Simone, Silvan, Ayumi.

Valerie is from Switzerland and lives in the town of Lausanne. She works as a Pastry Chef, which she is passionate about and loves her job. She also likes swimming and photography, taking photos of nature, animals and people. She has an older brother who has lived and worked in Thailand for the past three years and will hopefully come visit Byron Bay! She came to Byron Bay so she can study English, which she hopes will help with her career in future.

David is from Bordeaux in France, which is an area famous for red wine. He is one of four siblings, with two brothers and one sister. He enjoys playing sports, like running or swimming, going to the cinema and watching TV. He works as a Lifeguard at the beach during the Summer. He wants to study English because it is the most important language to be able to communicate with people from around the world. He chose to study in Byron Bay because it looks like a beautiful place with awesome weather.

Simone is from Switzerland and believes English has become one of the most important languages in the world. She is currently studying Veterinary Medicine and has worked with people from all over the world. Through this she has realised how important it is for her to be able to speak English. She will also need to be able to read medical papers and do presentations in English for her work. She is very keen to learn as much as possible in the next few weeks studying at Lexis Byron Bay and hopes to one day be fluent in English. She chose to study in Australia for the great people and the natural beauty of this country.

Mariana is from Brazil and is one of five in her family. She is the middle child, with one older and one younger sister. She is studying at university, which takes up most of her time, but in her free time she likes to practice yoga, go to the beach, travel and spend time with family and friends. She came to Australia for the great beaches and beautiful nature. She hopes to improve her English so that she can get a good job when she returns to Brazil.

Stefanie is from Switzerland and is one of six in her family. Her parents are farmers and have a lot of animals on their farm. She also has three younger sisters. She enjoys snowboarding, travelling and likes to ‘go with the flow’ in life. She hopes to improve her English, gain confidence, find herself and learn how to surf while in Australia.  In the future she wants to start a family and enjoy a happy life.

Ayumi is from Japan and is one of six in her family, with her parents, two brothers and one sister. They are also a host family and have friends or students from other countries or prefectures stay with them. She has been working as a Teacher in a day care centre for children under the age of five. She has worked in this job for nine years and loves it. She decided to come to Byron Bay for the good beaches, the organic foods and the quiet, calm lifestyle. She wants to improve her English and hopes to also work in Byron Bay.

Karise is from Brazil and is one of four in her family with her parents and older brother. She loves photography, surfing and being active. She works as a Fashion Designer, creating surf clothing and swimwear, for her mother’s company as well as doing some freelance work for other companies. She chose to come to Australia for the lifestyle, the surf and to improve her English. She is excited to be living in a country with a great range of sports and with such good weather. She also believes that improving her English will help her career because she can travel the world to study and bring new trends back to her home country. She hopes to one day create her own line of clothing.

Marion is from Germany and has three children – two sons and one daughter. She works as a Flight Attendant and loves to travel and visit new countries. She also enjoys reading, music, yoga and walking. Her daughter has been at school in Queensland for the past five months so Marion is here to join her daughter for the end of her Australian trip. She hopes to do some surf or riding lessons while here in Byron Bay. They will be joined by her husband and one of their sons for a family trip to the Whitsundays and Sydney before returning to Germany.

Tina is from Switzerland and is one of five in her family, including her mother, father, sister and brother. She likes snowboarding, skiing and being outdoors in nature. She completed training to become a Plastic Technician and a Salesperson. She chose to study in Byron Bay because she loves the small town and she would like to improve her English. She hopes to travel all around the world and is thinking about doing an English exam here.

Katiucia is from Brazil where she works in the Fashion industry as a Photographer.She decided to study in Australia so she can learn to speak English, which will help her career. She is looking forward to meeting new people and learning about different cultures. When she returns to Brazil, she plans to resume her work in Photography using her newly acquired English language knowledge in her job as well.

Silvan is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family. His father works as a Production Manager and his mother works as a Secretary. He has an older sister who works as a Travel Agent. He enjoys playing football, hanging out with friends and, in the Winter, he likes skiing in the mountains. He trained as a Bricklayer before doing his time in the Swiss Army, which he has just completed. During school he studied English but has not used it in the past four years. He hopes to improve his speaking and writing skills while studying at Lexis Byron Bay.

Yuki  is from Japan where he is a High School student. He is one of four in his family, including his mother, father and sister. He has travelled to America twice and decided to come to Australia because his sister recommended it. He likes watching movies, playing sports and is currently enjoying watching the TV show The Walking Dead. He practiced Karate for ten years and has a black belt. While in Australia he would like to learn to surf. He loves visiting foreign countries and would like to live abroad in the future.

Julia is from Brazil and is the middle child of three siblings, with one older sister and one younger sister. She enjoys going to the beach, going to the cinema, hanging out with friends, spending time with family and travelling. She has already visited about 15 countries across the world! She has worked for a Petroleum company in Human Resources for the past five years. She decided to study English to help her communicate with people from different countries when she travels. She chose to study in Australia for the beaches and to meet new people.

Roy is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family, who are very important to him. His mother works in a restaurant and his father works as an Electronic Engineer. He has a younger sister called Celine who works as a Nurse in a hospital. Roy works as a Polymechanic Engineer. He loves sport, either watching or playing, and enjoys playing football, going to the gym or hanging out with friends in his free time. He came to Australia to improve his English speaking skills, which is the most important aspect for him at the moment. He would like to be able to talk with people from all around the world and learn about different countries. He is hoping to learn a lot at Lexis and is excited to be in Byron Bay.

Ana is from Brazil where she lives with her mother, younger brother and her grandparents. She is studying Law in Brazil and plans to focus on Corporate Law when she finishes university. She likes going to the beach and works part-time as a model. She decided to study English in Australia for the beautiful beaches and the nice people.

Simon is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family, including his brother. He enjoys Thai boxing, windsurfing, diving and snowboarding. He currently works as a Truck Driver in Switzerland and, when he returns, will study something like Social Work. He is studying English in Byron Bay for the beautiful nature and so that he can also complete his Dive Master, which he plans to do in Thailand after his time in Australia.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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