Coffee Lounge! November 22

Today we had two lovely sessions of Coffee Lounge enjoying the coffee and conversation and, of course, the TimTams!


In the morning we played a game where a student would describe an object, animal or place and the others would try to guess what it was. This helped the students practice their English both in speaking and listening, as well as exposing them to new words and using the language in a different way than usual.

In the afternoon we had a few different games going, after first trying to master drinking coffee through TimTams. The students love trying this very Australian way of drinking coffee, with some even making it a part of their morning ritual!


After going through all the TimTams (so quickly!) we got into some games. We had riddles and brainteasers to keep our minds working hard for the hour to not only work out the answer, but to work it out in English!
Some examples of the riddles include:
1. What has a thumb and finger but is not alive?
2. What do you buy but not use, when you use it you don’t know it, and you only use it once?
3. What belongs to you but is used more by others?

Answers to the riddles are:
1. A glove.
2. A coffin.
3. Your name.


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