Beer Tasting! November 9

This afternoon we tasted a selection of beers from Australia, including a local Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, the famous Coopers Sparkling Ale and the “no hangover” low carb Pure Blonde.


Many of the students already had their favourites, having sampled a few beers already in their time in Byron Bay, but were more than happy to taste them again, along with a few new ones they hadn’t tried yet!


After tasting the seven different types of beers, everyone enjoyed finishing off the cold beers on such a hot, humid afternoon in Byron Bay.


The activity inevitably turned into a great socialising event. The students were quick to turn the US election updates into a drinking game while sharing many stories about their own governments, and Astrid also gave us her own rendition of ‘Happy Birthday‘ played by blowing over the beer bottle tops! 🙂


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