Coffee Lounge! November 8

Today was Coffee Lounge day at Lexis Byron Bay!

At the morning session we played a game of Aussie Heads while enjoying our coffee and TimTams. The students were given a mystery card to stick on their forehead and had to ask questions to work out what place, object, sport or animal they were. Some were quite easy to figure out, like kangaroo and Lexis Byron Bay. Others were more difficult and required some prior knowledge of Australia, such as didgeridoo and TimTams! Either way, it was a good chance to practice speaking and learn some new English words.


In the afternoon we drank coffee and ate TimTams over a game of Uno. There was some fierce competition to start, with Yuki and then Astrid winning the game quickly, followed slowly by the rest of us!  With students from all over the world playing, there were a few differences in the rules that each player uses. For example, how many cards do you pick up if you forget to say ‘uno’ when you have only one card left – one, two or seven? Compromises were made quickly and the game continued on in the same friendly but competitive nature that it started in!




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