Coffee Lounge! November 1

We had two sessions of Coffee Lounge today – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At the morning session, we played Aussie Heads which requires asking questions to discover the identity of the card stuck to your forehead!


It is a great game to help practice English by both asking questions, giving clues to other players, and guessing the right English word for your card. Everyone did really well with asking the right questions to discover their identity, even with the more difficult cards such as ‘Aussie Dollar’, ‘Great Barrier Reef’ and ‘Sandcastle’.

In the afternoon we played Lexis Jenga, which is just like normal Jenga but with a question written on each tile which the student answered when they had pulled it out.


The questions help the students to learn some more English words and phrases, and encourage speaking to explain their answers. It is also a great game to help get to know each other – today we found out that Myuri likes to dance in the shower, Mayumi’s favourite movie is Titanic, and Yuki would make everyone visit Japan if he ruled the world!

Some students come along to Coffee Lounge for the conversation, others come for the TimTams…Roman and Pol are definitely here for the TimTams and would do just about anything for one of those biscuits!



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