Pictionary + Pizza! October 26

This morning we played a game of Pictionary while also enjoying some pizza!


Pictionary is a game where one person from each team picks a card with a list of words on it. They then have to draw a picture of this word and the other person on their  has to guess what it is before the timer runs out. The teams take in turns rolling the die to move forward on the board, and the first team to reach the end wins.

There were some great drawings and very close competition between the three teams! Bruna and Nozomi raced through the board, with Saya and Othman close behind for much of the game. Erika and Yuri were left behind and were not feeling hopeful, but they made a quick comeback just in time and joined Bruna and Nozomi at the finish line! With two teams on the last square, the race was on to draw and guess the winning picture (which was of a sun). The three teams all started drawing and within a couple of seconds all three teams were yelling the answer! So in the end, the result was a tie between Bruna and Nozomi’s team, and Erika and Yuri’s team.


Everyone had fun trying to guess their partner’s drawings and eating the free pizza while learning new English words. 🙂



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