Coffee Lounge! October 25

Today is Coffee Lounge day!


This morning we enjoyed our coffee and TimTams while playing a game of Charades to practice our English.

We took it in turns acting out different actions and activities and everyone had to try to guess what we were acting out! For example, in the photos above you can see Bruna acting out “washing an elephant” and Saya acting out “milking a cow”. It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn new English words and phrases.


In the afternoon we played a game called ‘Paper Telephone’, a different version of the game Telephone (also known as Secret Whispers, Grapevine and many other names, depending on where in the world you play this game!).


The students took turns – the first writes a sentence, the next draws a picture for that sentence and then the next writes a sentence for that picture, and so on. Each person can only see the previous person’s addition (i.e. they can only see the one picture or sentence that the person before them contributed).

By the time the paper had gone around the group once, the sentence and pictures were quite drastically different from where they started! For example…

…two cats sleeping in a tree ends up as two cats chilling out on the grass (after going through changes including sitting in a tree, fighting, playing and scratching the ground – sounds like a standard day for a cat really!). The other examples have a guy surfing in a rabbit costume turning into a koala surfing on his board, and unicorns flying over clouds became two cows inside a cloud!

It was a funny way to practice and learn more English words while enjoying the coffee, TimTams and good company!



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