New Starters! October 24

Welcome to our ten new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Elena is from Barcelona, Spain. She loves surfing and eating healthy food, which is why she chose to come to Byron Bay. She works as a Pre-school Teacher and loves her job because every day is different, there are many personal development opportunities and above all, the children’s smiles are the best thing in the world! She came to Australia to study English because it is important for travel and for her professional career.

Maria is from Spain and lives with her parents and brother in a National Park near Portugal. Her parents are Yoga Instructors and Maria enjoys doing yoga every morning at the beach. She has just completed a University degree in Economics and worked at a bank over the Summer. She chose to study in Australia for the peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. She already loves this country and hopes to improve her English so she can travel to many wonderful places!

Lou is from Switzerland and is part of a big family. She enjoys sports and hanging out with friends. She works as a Hairdresser in Zurich and loves her job, but has found English to be important in a city with many people from all over the world living and travelling through. She decided to study English in Australia because she likes the country and has heard great things from her sister and cousin who both travelled here and loved it. She hopes to learn a lot and improve her English during her time here, and also plans to do some travel in Australia, Bali and Fiji.

Iris is from Belgium. She likes listening to music and hanging out with friends. She finished High School earlier this year and came to Australia to improve her English before starting university, as she believes this will help her in her future career. She will be studying at Lexis Byron Bay for the next three months and plans to do some travel through Australia and Thailand afterwards.

Clara is from Italy. She came to Australia on a school exchange program two years ago and lived with a family in Byron Bay. When she left, she felt that she was leaving a little piece of her heart here too! She decided to return to Australia as soon as possible, which is how she ended up at Lexis Byron Bay. She hopes to improve her English speaking skills while she is here so that she can find work and live in one of the major cities of Australia. She plans to work and save money during her time here so that she can do some travel as well. She believes this trip will enrich both her soul and her English skills, as she hopes to meet lots of new people and speak only English for the next year.

Laura is from Zurich, Switzerland. She likes to play hockey, ride horses and hang out with friends. Earlier this year she completed her Diploma in Nursing. She chose to study in Australia because it is a beautiful country with lots of nice locations, wonderful beaches and friendly people. After completing her studies at Lexis Byron Bay she plans to travel the east coast of Australia with her boyfriend before returning to Switzerland.

Yuu is from Japan and works as a waitress. She enjoys watching sports, especially watching football. She has been learning English for many years, through her schooling, but never had the opportunity to build her confidence in speaking the language. She came to Australia on a working holiday. She chose Byron Bay because she wants to stay in a small town which might offer more opportunities to speak will the local people. She is also interested in exploring the outdoors while here. She plans to find a job after finishing her studies with Lexis Byron Bay.

Yuki is from Japan. He is one of four in his family, with his mother, father and sister. They also have a lovely pet dog. He came to Australia to study at Lexis Byron Bay so that he can improve his English.

Fuensanta is from Spain. She has been studying English at Lexis Noosa for a few weeks and now joins us at Lexis Byron Bay for the next four weeks. She already loves it here in Byron Bay! While here, she hopes to improve her English, particularly her speaking skills.

Francesco is from Switzerland and lives in the centre of the Swiss Alps. He is one of six siblings, with three brothers and two sisters. He enjoys doing outdoor activities such as skiing, swimming, jogging and keeping fit. He studied a multilingual Economics course, which he finished last year before  completing his compulsory Swiss Army placement. This experience was intense but interesting, with achievements including marching 100km in 21 hours! He decided to study English to help his career, as it is very important to have a good level of English when working in Economics. He chose Lexis Byron Bay because the school is of a high standard, it is in a small town and is on the coast of paradise. After his studies here, he plans to return to Europe to live in Germany and improve his German language skills.



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