Coffee Lounge! October 18

Today at Coffee Lounge we practiced our English conversation skills with a couple of games! Of course, we also had some yummy coffee and TimTams as well!

In the morning, we played Lexis Jenga which is the same as traditional Jenga, but with a question on each tile. After pulling out a tile, you then answer the question.

From today’s questions we found out that Bruna’s favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla, Stefan has been to eight different countries, Saya’s favourite thing to do in Byron Bay is go to the beach, Isabella once got a speeding ticket for R$80 (approximately AU$30 – a cheap fine by Australian standards!), and Othman’s favourite season is Winter because the weather is much cooler then in his home country of Saudi Arabia.


This game is a great way to practice and learn English words and phrases while also getting to know your fellow students. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Frida, the dog enjoying her coffee in the photo, who was being looked after by Lexis student Isabella!

In the afternoon, we played Charades which involved acting out English phrases for the other students to guess.

Some phrases were quite difficult and were a good opportunity to learn a phrase the students had never heard of before. For example, ‘raking leaves‘, ‘chasing a tornado‘ and ‘landing a plane‘. Others were a bit easier and were a lot of fun to act out and guess, such as ‘milking a cow‘, ‘filming a movie‘ and ‘washing an elephant‘! Every student who acted out a phrase got a TimTam (which is enough to convince even Roman to join the game!) and enjoyed the time learning English and laughing along with their friends.



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