New Starters! October 17

We have ten new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Maurizio is from Genova, Italy. He enjoys horse riding, fishing, being in nature and around animals. He loves to travel and over the past five years he has visited more than 20 countries, all with a wide varieties of cultures and foods. He has been working with his cousin as a waiter for a pizza catering business and hopes to get sponsorship to stay in Australia. For this, he needs to pass the IELTS test which is why he chose to study English at Lexis Byron Bay.

Alexandra is from Germany. In her free time she likes to go out with friends, listen to music and read books. She also learns the flute and is part of a choir. She has worked as a nurse for four years and enjoys working in her local hospital. She came to Australia to study because she wants to improve her English to help when travelling and listening to music. After four weeks at Lexis Byron Bay she plans to travel for two weeks before she has to return home. It is such a short visit, but she hopes to return again next year to see more of the country!

Ji-Young is from Korea and is one of four in her family, with her mother, father and younger sister. She has many hobbies that she enjoys, such as travelling, watching movies and listening to music. She studies Environmental Planning at University and has done research on the environmental effects in her city. Ji-Young has travelled to many places but has never lived in another country. She decided to live in Australia so that she could improve her English while also enjoying warm weather, seeing dolphins here in Byron Bay and learning to surf.

Sheryl is from Switzerland. She likes to keep fit, hang out with friends and travel. She came to Australia to learn English in Byron Bay for four weeks before travelling the east coast. She is looking forward to experiencing a new country and a different lifestyle. She hopes to have a great time and meet lots of people in Australia and her onward travels in Fiji. Her future plans include travelling to many countries, getting married and living a happy life with family and friends.

Janine is from Switzerland and lives with her family including her parents and younger brother and sister in a small village near Lucerne and the Swiss mountains. She works as a draughtsperson for an architectural office, drawing plans for people building houses. In her free time she plays the clarinet and trumpet. She decided to come to Australia to experience a new place and a beautiful country. She flew over here with her friend and, after six weeks of studying English, they will meet up again in Brisbane to travel. They plan to rent a campervan and drive to Cairns, spend a week there and then drive back down to Sydney to fly back to Switzerland.

Julie is from France and is one of five in her family. All her family members live in different locations – her mother in Montpellier, her father in Bordeaux, her sister in Marseille, her brother in Milan, Italy, and now herself in Byron Bay, Australia! She loves to travel and would be very happy if she could travel for the rest of her life. She also enjoys reading, going to the cinema, having fun with friends, and keeping fit with running, going to the gym or swimming at the beach. She works in sales and has been in her job for six years. She wants to improve her English because it is spoken so widely across the world and is helpful for travel, and she is also planning to work in Australia.

Stefan is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family, with his mother, father and older brother. He likes to play field hockey with his team every week, though he says they are not doing too well this season! After finishing high school, he has worked for a few years as a Landscape Gardener and completed his one year of Military Service. He is interested in plants, animals and other cultures. When deciding to study English, he chose to come to Australia so he could experience the beautiful plants, animals and landscapes of this country. He would also like to learn how to surf while he is here. Stefan wants to learn English to help with travelling and to enable him to teach German to the refugees in his town.

Gaetan is from Belgium and lives with his family, including his mother, father and older brother, near the city of Brussels. During his free time he likes to participate in many different sports, such as hiking, soccer or going to the gym. While studying at a Physical Education school, he has also been working many different jobs in his holidays to save up for his trip to Australia. He wants to study English because it is widely spoken around the world and could be beneficial for his career. He decided to study in Australia because it is a beautiful place that he has never visited before. He also likes to surf, which Australia is perfect for!

Ai is from Japan. She came to Australia on a Working Holiday visa and hopes to learn enough English to travel and work here for the next year.

Paulo was born in Brazil and lived there until he was 27, when he moved to Germany to study. While studying in Germany, he met his wife and they now live together in Germany with their three children. He also has a father and brother living in Brazil, and another brother living in Perth, Australia. Paulo likes to go surfing, mountain biking and travelling. He works for DHL, which is a German logistics company, in the IT Department. He enjoys his work and has a lot of fun in the workplace. This company is international, with colleagues working in many different parts of the world, which is why he wants to improve his English. He decided to study in Australia so that he could also visit his brother in Perth, surf the many great beaches and to see the beauty of this country.



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