New Starters! October 10

Meet our new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


L-R: Paolo, Carolina, Alba, Gwen, Bruna, Charlotte, Leonie, Chiara, Miji, Bettina and Liu


Alba is from Spain and is one of five siblings in her family including two brothers and two sisters. She works as a bartender and likes snowboarding, watching TV, going out and listening to Techno music. She came to study English in Australia for the beaches and the people, and a lot of her friends travel here too. She hopes to work in Australia so she can practice speaking English and meet people during her time here.

Gwen is from France and arrived in Brisbane last week to visit her step-brother. She also has another step-brother and a step-sister. She loves being outdoors and experiencing local activities, such as surfing in Australia! She also likes to read, do yoga and practice meditation. She worked as an Event Project Manager for a Swiss company, organising weddings, birthday parties, after-parties, team building challenges, and other events. She loves her job but has to work a lot! She is studying English so that she can get a promotion to a better job in Geneva, which requires her to speak English. She has also always dreamed of travelling to Australia and doing a road trip with friends in a van. She hopes to enjoy her free time and meet lots of other travellers to make the most of her experience here.

Leonie is from Germany and has just completed High School. She lives with her mother, older brother, younger sister and younger brother. In her free time she likes to spend time with her friends and family, or go travelling with them. She chose to study English in Australia for her first solo trip because she thinks it is a great country with nice people. She hopes to travel through Australia and possibly work somewhere along the way. She would also like to try surfing while she is here. When she returns to Germany she plans to study Economics at University.

Bruna is from Brazil and is one of six in her family, including two brothers and a sister. She likes to go to the beach, be in nature and take her dog for a walk. She works as a Biologist in Brazil and has come to Lexis Byron Bay to learn English for better career opportunities in future. She chose to study in Australia for the hot weather, beautiful country, the many beaches and the access to nature.

Charlotte is from Germany and lives in the city of Munich. She likes playing guitar, windsurfing, skiing and swimming. Two months ago she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and plans to continue on with her studies in a Masters degree. For this, she needs a good level of English which is why she decided to study in Australia. She chose Lexis Byron Bay because, though it is important to her to learn and improve her English, she also enjoys relaxing on her break from University. She thought Byron Bay would be a perfect mix of relaxing holiday time and learning English. After studying in Byron Bay for two months, she is going to Melbourne for two weeks and then to visit a friend in Hong Kong on her way back to Germany.

Chiara is from Belgium and is  one of five in her family, with her mother, father and two brothers, plus their dog called Pazzo. She enjoys travelling, photography, scouts, jogging, swimming and horseback riding. She has just finished High School and is taking a gap year before going to college next year. She would like to improve her English speaking skills to become more fluent and with a better accent. After studying for a month at Lexis Byron Bay she is going to do some volunteer work in Australia before travelling to Fiji and then Florida.

Miji is from Korea and is one of four in her family, with her mother, father and brother. She has always enjoyed make-up and went to Makeup School after finishing her High School studies. She has always wanted to travel overseas. She wants to learn English and travel all around Australia. In the future, she plans to go to a Makeup School in New York.

Bettina is from a small village near Zurich, Switzerland, where she lived with her mother, father and two brothers. She now has a sweet apartment in Zurich where she lives with a friend. In her free time she likes to go out with friends, go snowboarding and generally spend time in the Swiss mountains. She has just completed studies in Social Work last month and is now looking forward to her time in Australia. Her first impression is that it is awesome here!

Liu is from Beijing in China but has lived in New York for the past three years. He has recently become a father to a little baby girl who is now 10 weeks old. His daughter was born in America and he hopes to be able to speak both English and Chinese with her. He loves being in Australia for the nice people, safe food and clean air. He chose to study English in Byron Bay because he believes it is the best location in Australia!

Joane is from Spain and has just arrived in Byron Bay. She hopes to improve her English while here to enhance her future job opportunities and make it easier to communicate with people all over the world when travelling. She is a very active person and enjoys activities such as surfing, sports, photography and managing her website. She has been studying Architecture at University in Barcelona for a few years but there is little work in this area in Spain at the moment. For this reason, she decided to travel to Australia to explore the job prospects in architecture here.

Paolo and Carolina are from Brazil and travelled to Australia together. They are living in the beautiful town of Lennox Head, near Byron Bay and are studying at Lexis to improve their English.



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