New Starters! October 4

We have fifteen new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Danny is from Switzerland and lives on a country ranch with 70 horses. He likes diving and playing sports. He has spent the past three years training and working as a gardener, but now wants to travel the world and go diving in many beautiful places. He decided to study English at Lexis Byron Bay to help become a Diving Instructor. He chose to come to Australia for the beautiful country, the great travel options for backpackers, and for the excellent diving locations. In the future he hopes to be diving every day, and his dream is to go cave diving in Mexico and become a Cave Diving Instructor in different locations around the world.

Ana is from Brazil and lives in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. She has been working as an Engineer for four years but now wants to change her career to become a Geography Teacher. Along with this change in career, she also decided that she wants to improve her English, which is why she came to Lexis Byron Bay. She chose to come to Australia because she really likes the culture and the people are happy and respectful of travellers from other countries.

Alessa is from Switzerland and has a huge family, with two sisters and two brothers, plus two adorable dogs. She likes to have fun, laugh, hang out with friends and play sports. She works in Human Resources and is taking five months off work now to travel and enjoy new experiences. She came to Australia to improve her English for both travel and work purposes, and chose to come to Byron Bay because she has heard many good things about this town.

Francesco is from Italy and is one of four in his family. His parents are both retired teachers and his older sister lives in Florence. He enjoys sports, including volleyball, soccer, skiing, swimming and surfing, music and playing the guitar, watching movies, and photography. He studied at the University of Pisa and worked as an Engineer. He decided to quit his job and learn English, and thought, “Why not study in such a great country?”, which is how he ended up in Australia!

Thomas is from Switzerland and is one of four in his family, with his mother, father and sister. He lives in the city of Zurich and works in Security at banks and museums. He enjoys riding motorbikes, travelling, diving, keeping fit and going out to clubs and bars with his friends.  His sister travelled to Australia three years ago and had only positive things to say about her experience. He decided to come to Australia as well to improve his English to help his future studies in Switzerland.

Nicole is from Switzerland and has already spent six months in Perth, about two years ago. She spoke a lot of Swiss German during that time, so has returned to Australia improve her English. After her time in Australia she hopes to find a job back in Switzerland. She really enjoys playing soccer.

Celine is from Switzerland and lives with her family of five. Her father is a farmer, so they have a lot of animals at home. She has just finished her apprenticeship as a nurse. Her hobbies are playing volleyball and skiing. Next year she plans to study Physiotherapy and decided to improve her English before starting this course. She chose to study in Australia to learn a new culture and meet lovely people. She plans to travel for one month in Australia, to Uluru, Sydney and Cairns.

Nozomi is from Japan and is the youngest in her family of five, including an older sister and brother. She enjoys playing sport, watching sport and eating delicious food. As a high school student, she played softball for three years and also played baseball. She also likes photography, using her phone or her favourite camera, and listening to music. Recently she has started listening to English music, such as The Beatles and The Carpenters, to help her learn English. Before coming to Australia, she worked in a Lolly Shop, selling many different types of sweets that she gift wrapped and displayed in the store. She studied English at University, but had trouble with the speaking skills, which is why she decided to come to Australia. She also likes being in nature and living in smaller towns, which is why she chose to study in Byron Bay.

Ana is from Spain and lives in the city of Madrid. She loves playing piano, which she has been taking lessons for over the past year. She also likes spending time with friends, going to the nice bars and cultural locations that Madrid has to offer. She has been working as a nurse in a large hospital but is now seeking new opportunities overseas. It is for this reason that she came to Australia (instead of rainy Great Britain!), to improve her English and, in turn, her future career opportunities.

Corinne is from Switzerland and lives with her mother, younger sister and her two cats, Gigi and Romeo. She loves animals, swimming, reading, listening to music, sunbathing and travelling. She has been working in a hotel for the past three years as a receptionist, breakfast server and servicing rooms. She came to Australia to study English because she likes travelling and meeting new people, and thinks English is a beautiful language. She hopes to continue working in hotels and travelling, meeting people from all over the world.

Lukas is from Switzerland and is one of five in his family. His mother is a nurse and his father is a carpenter. He also has two sisters, who are both studying. Lukas has been working as a mechanic and spent the last nine months on the road helping people with broken down cars after accidents. He has just quit this job to go travelling and is starting his journey at Lexis Byron Bay to refresh his English skills. While in Australia he wants to learn how to surf and plans to backpack his way around the country.

Myuri is  from Switzerland and lives with her family, including her three younger brothers who she enjoys playing basketball and football with. Her favourite things to do in her free time are playing music and dancing. She has been playing piano for many years, has played guitar and drums a little, and loves to sing in a choir. She also likes riding her bike and being in nature. She has just completed her High School exams and is going to study to become a Primary School Teacher next year. She chose to come to Australia for the warm weather, beautiful landscapes and the natural countryside. In the future, she hopes to pass the Cambridge CAE exam, which is why she is studying at Lexis Byron Bay.

Luisa is from Spain and has a big family, including her parents and three brothers. She likes to play tennis, go running, and travelling. In Madrid she completed her studies in Business. She then decided to come to Australia to study English, for the beautiful country and the cool people. After finishing her English course, she plans to travel through more of Australia, then to New Zealand and Asia.

Mara is from Switzerland and lives with her mother and sister in the lakeside town of Lugano. She loves to play sport, read and go out with friends. In her free time, she usually does a pilates or yoga class, goes for a walk or reads a book. She has just graduated with a degree in nursing and plans to work as a nurse when she returns to Switzerland. After working for two years, she hopes to complete her Masters so that she can then work with a world-wide association. She came to Lexis Byron Bay to learn English to help her reach this dream of working as a nurse in many places around the world. She chose to study in Australia because of the beautiful country with many activities to do, such as diving and surfing.

Ayaka is from Japan. She has spent a few months in Australia already and started her English studies at Lexis in Noosa. She has now transferred to Lexis Byron Bay to study the IELTS course and is looking forward to enjoying her time here with her friends.


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