Coffee Lounge! September 27

Today we held two sessions of Coffee Lounge at Lexis Byron Bay.

At the morning session, we played a very exciting round of Lexis Jenga, building one of  the biggest towers I have seen!


The students with the impressive tower shortly before it came tumbling down!

The students answered the questions on each brick they pulled from the tower and learnt many new words and phrases along the way, such as ‘advice‘, ‘regret‘, and ‘speeding ticket‘.

As the tower grew taller and taller, each turn became more difficult. The tower wobbled and threatened to fall many times, and nobody wanted to be the one who made it fall!

Eventually, after almost reaching the limit of how tall a Jenga tower can grow, it came crashing down onto the table. The students celebrated with TimTams!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather and sat out in the garden. The students chatted amongst themselves and as a group, learning about each other’s culture and their experiences in Australia. Having students from Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Korea and Japan, there was a lot to share! We learnt that students in Korea study from 7am until 9pm, which shocked everyone at the table! We also discussed the different accents in Australia and other English-speaking countries, the difficulties with getting Student Visas for Australia, and showed the newcomers how to enjoy your coffee by drinking it with a TimTam straw!


The students enjoyed their coffee in the sunshine!


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