New Starters! September 26

We have ten new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week. Welcome!


Dominique is from Switzerland and has a younger sister called Sabrina. He likes to go mountain biking and also enjoys programming computers. He is working as an Electronics and Systems Engineer for an IT company. He came to Lexis Byron Bay to study English because the people of Australia are nice and easy-going.

Manuel is from Switzerland and Portugal – he has dual citizenship. He is an only child and his parents live in Porto, Portugal (where the famous wine is from!). He enjoys listening to music, experiencing local cultures and being in nature. He is currently doing an internship to become a salesman and will eventually be working for a large European paper trading company. He decided to study English in Australia because he is fascinated by the lifestyle and nature here. He also wants to learn how to surf in Byron Bay. In the future,  he hopes to study Law at university and plans to do a lot of travelling to experience many different cultures.

Ai is from Japan. She is a hairdresser and likes playing sport. She came to Lexis Byron Bay because she wants to learn how to speak English. She hopes to make friends from all around the world!

Andi is from Switzerland and has been working for two years programming industrial machinery. His hobbies are riding motorcycles, snowboarding, skateboarding, building his VW bus and participating in his Youth Group. While here at Lexis Byron Bay, he hopes to improve both his English and his surf skills, meet the friendly people of Australia and see the interesting sites that the country has to offer.

Astrid is from Belgium and is staying in Australia for the next three months. She completed high school in June and is now taking a gap year to learn English, travel, experience different lifestyles and push the boundaries of her comfort zone. She also hopes to figure out what she wants to study at University next year; regardless of what course she chooses, she wants to study in English which is why she is here! She plans to study for two months at Lexis Byron Bay before travelling for another month in Australia, then to Bali, Asia and New Zealand.

Olli is from Germany and travelled to Australia with his wife, Katrin. He works for a power company in Germany and enjoys playing football, golf and tennis. He wants to study English so that he can communicate with others from all over the world when travelling. After studying at Lexis Byron Bay he is heading north to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Katrin is from Germany and lives with her husband, Olli. She has a wonderful garden at their home, with a small pond and Koi fish. She enjoys reading and snowboarding. She works as an Economist for a Distribution Service Operator. Her sister lives in the town of Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay, which is why she came here. After studying at Lexis Byron Bay, she will visit Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach, Cairns and Daintree National Park.

Livia is from Brazil and has two brothers and a sister. She enjoys spending time with her friends. She studied Biology at university but has not worked in the area yet. After studying English at Lexis Byron Bay, she hopes to either find work in Australia in the field of Biology or perhaps study a course in Fashion and Design.

Pol is from Spain and studies Sport Science at Barcelona University. He plays Handball at a high level and trains for about five hours on the weekend for this. While studying, he has also been working at Nike in Barcelona for the past two years. He decided to come to Australia to study English because he believes it will help both his life and his career. He chose Lexis Byron Bay for his studies so that he could experience living in a small country town.

Nil is from Spain and has just completed high school. One of his favourite things to do is photography and hopes to one day take the kind of photos that are seen in magazines. He also likes watching films, reading and playing video games. He came to Australia to study English because he believes the language is important to know and wanted to travel far from home. He hopes to learn how to surf while in Byron Bay and in the future would like to study Informatic Science.



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