Trivia! September 22

This afternoon we had a Trivia quiz to test our knowledge in the categories of Science, Geography, Music and Sport.


The students were faced with questions such as “In which sport would you use a ‘sand iron’?” (golf), “Which rock group did George Harrison belong to?” (The Beatles), “Who developed the theory of relativity?” (Albert Einstein) and “What is the capital city of New Zealand?” (Wellington).

Everyone brought different strengths to their team, with some students being more knowledgeable about Science and others about Sports.  There was much discussion about the right answer for each question and, when they knew the answer in their own language, figuring out the correct English word for it!


The winning team was Shinsuke and Roman, who argued about almost every answer! Well done to them for working out who had the correct answer for each question! Enjoy the beers 🙂




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