Meet Ellie’s CAE class!

There are two Cambridge CAE classes that started this week at Lexis Byron Bay. Find out more about the students in Ellie’s CAE class in the beautiful poems below!



Andrea (by Robin)

Andrea is at first sight a deep sleeper

But he’s not lazy, he’s a footballer

In Australia, snakes and sharks are his only fear

To forget them, his has to drown in beer

A good hangout is always good

It makes him happy and in a nice mood.


Caroline (by Pascal)

Tattoed jewellery on her skin

Shows the expression of herself

In the shower, she will sing

Like nobody else.

She’ll find her future husband here, for sure

Blonde long hair, bearded and tattoos

This sounds like a surfer boy, put pure.


Pascal (by Caroline)

Pascal wants to travel so he quit his job

And actually, I think that wasn’t a flop

It was the best thing he did in his life

Maybe, he will meet his wife

You know what’s funny about him?

He can’t remember anything

The weirdest thing when he was drunk?

Yeah, can’t remember, maybe kissed some junk.


Tamara (by Emanuela)

Tamara is afraid not to live her life to the fullest

Determined, she continues to follow her road to the top

Easy going girl, she would be a sea animal to swim underwater

And breathes the ocean that she loves

Tamara has a celebrity crush called Travis Fimmel

At Australian actor that attracts her like the country where she is.


Emanuela (by Tamara)

Emanuela is not afraid too easily

But spiders and snakes

That’s what her biggest fear would be


High up in the sky

If only she had wings to fly

A bird she would love to be

The world from above, she would see


A genuine and open-minded girl

You’ll love from the start

Only Johnny Depp is able to steal her heart.


Patrick (by Belinda)

Peru is a place, he’d love to see

Adventurous, he likes to be

Tries hard and never gives up

Ready, set, go until he’s on top

Inception is his favourite movie

Curious about South America, which he loves to see

Kangaroos and Koalas now surround him, life’s easy.



Belinda (by Patrick)

Bee is her nickname from her South African friend

Eating chocolate makes her feeling happy

Likes paella

I’d love to drink a beer with you

Nepal is her next destination

Dolphin is her favourite animal.




Robin (by Andrea)

Robin would love to be a panda

Obsessed with eating crispy bamboo

Being in love with the beautiful Scarlett Johansson

In fear of spiders, they are not so handsome

Now I instantly stop because this poem is a flop.



David (by Katharine)

Drums, piano, guitar and bass are the instruments that he plays

Always drinks without getting a hangover

Veggie burger isn’t a thing he would order

Interested in sound and light engineering

Dreams about being a meerkat.


Katharina (by David)

Kidney beans, she doesn’t like

Although she likes to sing on her bike

The only thing she wants to do, is be a tree ‘cause of the better view.



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