Meet our New Starters in General English – September 5

Welcome to the 19 new students starting the General English course this week. Keep reading to find out a little bit about these lovely new students!


Michelle is from Switzerland and has two older siblings, a brother and a sister, plus their Swiss dog called Xira. She enjoys yoga and going for walks with her dog. She studied Visual Communication (graphic design) before doing an Internship at an Advertising Agency in Switzerland. She chose to study English in Australia for the nice beaches and people in this country.

Noori is from Korea and is one of four in her family, including her mother, father and younger sister. She likes Art (drawing and creating things), Education, animals and plants. She studied Environmental Horticulture and has also worked in cafes, which she hopes to continue while in Australia. She hopes to achieve her goals of understanding English movies and learning how to swim while in Australia. She looks forward to experiencing the nature Australia has to offer and is already in love with Byron Bay!

Carole is from Switzerland and lives with her mum and older brother in a small town located between the French and German speaking parts of the country, so she speaks both these languages at home. She likes playing football and is addicted to travel – she has trouble staying in the same place for more than a few months! She has just finished an apprenticeship in Media, creating websites and fliers and helping the company build strong communication and marketing strategies. In the future, she hopes to complete a degree in Tourism Management. She chose to travel to Australia and study English in Byron Bay to enjoy some time off to recharge. After a few months studying here at Lexis Byron Bay, she plans to travel around the country for a month before heading to Queenstown, New Zealand to complete the Cambridge Advanced Certificate.

Julia is from Belgium and is one of six in her family, including her mother, father and three brothers. One brother is a pilot in Germany, another is studying Marketing and the last and youngest is still in school. She enjoys swimming, dancing and reading. She has spent the last four years studying Product Design at a University in Paris. She is now at Lexis Byron Bay because she needs a good level of English to continue her studies at a University in Sydney.

Laura is from Switzerland and has one older brother, who lives with his girlfriend in the same city. She is a very active person and enjoys playing tennis, surfing and running on the beach. She studied to be a teacher and then worked in a Secondary School for a year. In this time, she discovered that the students she was teaching preferred to learn English instead of French, which is why she has decided to refresh her English at Lexis Byron Bay. In the future, she hopes to go on to teach both English and French. She chose to come to Australia because she has heard many good things about this country and would like to improve her surfing skills while she is here.

Saya is from Japan and is one of eight in her family, including her two younger brothers. She enjoys playing the guitar and piano. She is studying Psychology at university in Japan. She came to Australia to study English for the great weather and little time difference to Japan. She has also heard that the Australian people like the Japanese, which helped her decision to come here!

Cristina is from Spain and has two younger siblings, one brother and one sister. She completed her studies in Business Administration three years ago and has since been working for an international company in Madrid. She came to Australia to improve her English, which will help in her career, and because she loves the culture, the surf and the open-minded people. After studying here for a few months, she will return to Spain and work in January of next year.

Yuri is from Japan and lives in a country town surrounded by beautiful nature. The town is famous for a food called ‘Katsumeshi‘. She lives with her mother, father, older sister, older brother and their cute but powerful dog. The dog is called Ame, which means ‘rainy’ in Japanese and was named this way because the weather was rainy on the first day they brought her home! Yuri likes playing sport (especially softball and surfing), watching movies and listening to music. She chose to study English in Byron Bay so she could also go surfing, and hopes to make many new friends while she is here.

Fanny is from France and is one of five in her family, including her mother, father and two brothers. She enjoys trekking, interacting with people from different countries and cultures, and discovering new places. She works as a Special Education teacher, helping children with mental disorders and their families to develop independence and socialisation, as well as understanding and acceptance in the community. She has taken time off from this work to travel and has spent the last six months in India. She is now in Australia to improve her English, particularly to have a better understanding of the words and grammar, so that she can travel around the world with more ease.

Samira is from Switzerland and is one of four in her family, including her mother, father and younger sister. She likes playing volleyball, going out with friends and family, and travelling to many different countries. She was studying to become a Primary School teacher, but is now reassessing what career she would like to do. During this time, she decided to come to Lexis Byron Bay to study English so she could improve her confidence in speaking the language. She chose to travel to Australia because her parents have visited the country and spoke highly of their experience.

Yran is from Brazil and is the youngest of three brothers. He studied Mechanical Engineering and has worked in this area for ten years, and most recently has been working as a Draftsman for a big car company. He quit his job earlier this year to travel around Brazil before coming to Australia. He hopes to enjoy the warm weather here and improve his English.

Anina is from Switzerland and is one of six in her family, including one sister and two brothers. She has a horse called Tomtom and she loves to go riding with him. She enjoys being in nature and walking through the mountains of Switzerland. She has worked for a few years in an office and has had a few months off to enjoy a long holiday. She is now in Australia to improve her English at Lexis Byron Bay before making her way up to Cairns and stopping at all the beautiful places in between!

Charles is from France and has a great older brother. He loves surfing and playing golf with friends. He is studying Law at University and just this year achieved his license. He chose to study English in Australia because it is the best place in the world to surf and a great opportunity to travel and experience another culture. After travelling in Australia, he will return to France to complete his studies to become a Solicitor.

Pauline is from Switzerland and lives with her mother and twin brother. She likes to watch movies at the cinema, having coffee with friends, surfing and keeping fit. She has been working for two years as a Secretary for the Social Service in Switzerland and loves her job. She decided to study English to enhance her career prospects for the future. She came to Australia for the hot weather and because she enjoys surfing. In the future she plans to attain her certificate in English and move into a flat with her best friend.

Jules is from Belgium and is one of five in his family, including his two sisters. He enjoys making movies, playing rugby, golf and squash, and is also learning the ukulele. He is currently in his gap year after finishing school, so is using this time to travel and learn English. Next year he plans to do a course in Cinematic or Political studies. He came to Lexis Byron Bay because he likes the English language and it helps for travel all over the world.

Thomas is from Switzerland and is an only child. He likes to play sports, such as ice hockey in the Winter and soccer in the Summer, as well as swimming in the lake. He works as a Turner and Miller in the metal industry, helping to build parts for cars. He came to Lexis Byron Bay to learn English for his career and for travelling, so he can interact with people from different countries. He hopes to travel around Australia and America in the future.

Minsik is from Korea. He came to Australia to study English and hopes to improve his language skills during his time at Lexis Byron Bay.

Felipe is from Brazil and has a brother, mother and grandmother. He likes sports, such as basketball, and outdoor activities, like climbing, hiking, bike riding, scuba diving and being in nature. He studied Business Administration and now works as a Sales Supervisor for a large beer company. He has always dreamt of coming to Australia to experience the lifestyle and the people. Studying English while he is here will help with his career, but his main motivation was the experience of travel and meeting people from around the world.

Anja is from Switzerland and lives with her boyfriend in Zurich. She works in Sales for the Swiss Postal Service. She came to Australia to learn English and to travel, and plans to stay in the country for the next six months. She is very excited and happy to be living here in Byron Bay!





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