Coffee Lounge! September 6

Today we had some great conversation while enjoying coffee and TimTams at Coffee Lounge.


We chatted and got to know each other, then had a long game of Lexis Jenga. The Lexis version of this game includes answering the question written on the tile you remove from the tower. For example, there were questions like “Do you sing in the shower?”, “What is the government like in your country?” and “Do you like Vegemite?”. We found out that Jain’s favourite pizza topping is kimchi, that both Saki and Vanessa are not likely to survive long in the desert without water, and that Yuki would remove the need for Visas when travelling if she ruled the world!

After a few precarious attempts to continue building the Jenga tower, it all came falling down with a small bump of the table…


…and a lot of laughter to follow! 🙂



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